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I am having a good day. :)

June 24, 2022

Long Time... in A Day in the Life

I have been up since 3 am. This is eastern standard time. I live in West Virginia. I had to catch my transportation out, at 8:30 am. Needless to say, they expect that you have everything clean a...

June 24, 2022

Hello! in A Day in the Life

I hope that everyone is doing well. :)

According to my pc, it is ninety degrees outside. The heat index is supposed to reach 102. Right now there is a severe thunderstorm watch for our area.

This mornin g, I went up to WMC to receive my vitaminb12 injection.

To show my appreciation of their serving our country, I baked 5dozen oatmeal cookies, then distributed them to all of the veterans in our building.

God bless all of you. Have a great and safe week ahead!

I need to ask the head of case management NOT to call my house at 10pm, on a Saturday night, or any other night for that matter. That was rude. She left a message on my landline’s voicemail. Afte...

June 18, 2022

Of Open Diary in A Day in the Life

I kind of like the idea of keeping up to journals, because I am a writer and a published author. A little while ago, I finished a section in my textbook in which the author discusse...

June 17, 2022

Hello! in A Day in the Life

It is a warm one here, in the Upper Ohio Valley. The temperature is 91 degrees. Later on, I am going to read my textbook. For all who do not know, I am now on Open Diary, as well. I am studying a...

I was pretty sick this morning. My signs and symptoms were anxiety, depression, upset stomach, febrile and short of breath. I made a Carafate slurry for my stomach. I went to lie down. When I got...

My caregiver came back to work today, after her vacation. She washed laundry, washed dishes and swept my apartment. It was good to see her and to be able to get some assistance. We get along well...

June 15, 2022

Thrifting! in A Day in the Life

Today, I decided to get out to do something fun. I went down to the local thrift store, via the transit. I bought a statue of The Virgin Mary, with room to put artificial flowers in the back. Clo...

June 14, 2022

Of Yesterday in A Day in the Life

Bear now thinks he may a decubitus ulcer. He told me that he is afraid to ask the aides for a blanket when they turn on the air conditioning. Since the inception of Bear’s being admitted into lon...

June 14, 2022

Of Monday in A Day in the Life

I am due for my B12 injection on the 21st. I have a follow up appointment with the neurologist on the 23rd. I scheduled transportation to and from both of these appointments. Toda...

June 14, 2022

My Philosophy in A Day in the Life

“Love of mankind knows no exclusion nor has it any boundaries”. -chocolatechip

I ordered groceries from the Schwann’s truck Thursday. Friday, my case mgr. took me to Walmart for grocery shopping, so I am pretty well set for groceries. I made tuna salad for a friend of mine....

June 09, 2022

Busy Day! in A Day in the Life

I went through my usual routine, then went downstairs to ask maintenance for a bottle of bedbug spray. I then cleaned out my fridge, because on Friday, I am going shopping. My friend called and a...

June 08, 2022

Continued in A Day in the Life

I think that I may have been dehydrated. It is 4pm Eastern time. I am feeling somewhat better. Friday, my case manager is taking me to Walmart.

June 08, 2022

Sick Day in A Day in the Life

Last night, I tried sleeping on my futon bed/ sofa, in the sofa position. There was not enough room. Thus, I had a very bad night. I have since folded it back out into the bed position. Tonight s...

The day was going great, Saturday. Crystal clear blue skies, abundant sunshine and low humidity. It brought people out of their apartments, and we were having a good old time. Then one tenant ( f...

June 06, 2022

Of Sunday in A Day in the Life

I was supposed to go up to WAlmart, today with a friend but they cancelled. I went outside a few times and talked to some other tenants. My friend had mentioned to me that they were not feeling w...

June 02, 2022

Of Wednesday. in A Day in the Life

and my landlord. This morning, I went downtown to take care of some business. After that, I took a bus back to the building. I paid my rent, then mailed out some money orders for bills. Later on,...

I got up at 5 am and went through my normal routine. I wrote a thank you note to a tenant in the building who offered me a black card table for $20. She carried it from her apartment to my apartm...

(recipe of unknown origin) Ingredients: 1 cup creamy peanut butter 2 sticks real butter (not margarine) 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 4 cups powdered sugar (evenly measured) Melt together over low h...

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