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February 11, 2016

12:10 in spectrality

lots of cat stuff lately sorrynotsorry got home today, after switching them both to the sensitive stomach food, and there was no throw up and no obnoxious gassy smell. yay! there was some diarrhe...

February 11, 2016

12:03 in spectrality

cats!!! they’re getting along pretty well, all things considered – pepper’s always wary, mali/nutmeg’s just unphased. i had both of them up on my bed this morning getting morning scritches and i...

February 10, 2016

8:56 in spectrality

kitties integrating well… pepper is very wary still, lots of slinking – mollie/sesame/nutmeg (?) is just unphased and nonchalant. and also kind of stinky. like gassy. i never noticed that with he...

February 09, 2016

6:41 in spectrality

I DID IT I DID IT I ADOPTED THE CAT AAAAAAHH. i expanded my cat family!!! miss mollie is now in her forever home :’) the shelter staff were so cute, they almost looked like they were going to cry...

February 08, 2016

12:45 in spectrality

phone jokes at work are resolved. i sent out an email before i went in friday that just said “No more phone jokes please. Thanks Bekah” and it’s over, just like that. i honestly didn’t know what...

February 06, 2016

12:36 in spectrality

i’m not like, crying, about the phone jokes at work, or anything.

February 02, 2016

3:30 in spectrality

mondays <3. the new sundays. mondays are the days i get all to myself and i don’t interact with anybody. i just play spore aaaaaaaaaalll daaayyyy. i actually think i did get mono. it keeps fla...

February 01, 2016

5:53 in spectrality

did my taxes! pizza hut sent out their w-2, as predicted, on the last possible day. what i calculated matched up exactly though because i’m just that good. 2000, on its way to meeee. jeff stayed ...

January 30, 2016

1:23 in spectrality

did i catch windows girl looking at me yesterday..? .............??? haha like.. i was walking back to my desk… and i always have to CONCENTRATE on not glancing over at her while i walk past. and...

January 27, 2016

12:48 in spectrality

long tuesdays. i got up early to meet satoko at starbucks for an english ‘lesson’ where we just went over some books she’s reading – anne of green gables! hahaha some of the questions she has for...

January 26, 2016

11:52 in spectrality

i have nothing to say, just a lot of repetitive thoughts churning around and around inside my head, and maybe writing something will help me feel release. i went over to jeff’s yesterday, we went...

January 23, 2016

12:01 in spectrality

windows girl has been wearing a scarf today and yesterday and it’s SOOOOO CUTE. but then i saw her carpool with anthony and now it’s making me doubt the concept of a ‘dave’ and even though they d...

January 22, 2016

12:05 in spectrality

taxy taxy taxes. i opened an IRA! oooh so adult. i was on the fence about throwing more money at my student loans vs opening and funding an IRA for 2015 contributions… had to do some math to fig...

January 19, 2016

9:17 in spectrality

i like my new schedule but it does tend to eat up all my time. people keep bugging me to chat with them or hang out but it’s like… i work 2-11… and then my two ‘weekend’ days, one of them gets sp...

January 16, 2016

12:42 in spectrality

so literally two days ago the right side of my neck just suddenly swelled up in what i am becoming more and more certain is a resurgence of the branchial cleft cyst i had surgically removed in 20...

January 12, 2016

10:32 in spectrality

good weekend. party/’bqq’ at john and jeff’s saturday… i went as soon as i got off work. really all i wanted to do was to go to bed and cuddle with jeff but i had to be social with everyone!!!! ...

January 08, 2016

1:24 in spectrality

whooooooo long day. the life of a salaried employee!!! IT BEGINS 11:30 i had my 3rd laser hair removal appointment. i learned from last time, and the ~pain~, so i popped a couple tylenol before i...

January 05, 2016

1:25 in spectrality

i am confused, about so many things, lately. but my job is better and better every day as i learn how to do more things. those first few days were very ‘@___@’ but now i’m getting more comfortabl...

December 30, 2015

12:25 in spectrality

i dyed my hair some crazy colors and it’s AWESOME! i’m so happy. i’m so freaking happy. she did the best most amazing job ever and just aaaaaahhh. AS IF THAT MAKES IT ANONYMOUS?! hahah anyone w...

December 22, 2015

8:23 in spectrality

things are pretty good. i got better from -the sickness-. it wasn’t strep? so i guess it was just viral. still tonsillitis. still some of the worst throat pain i’ve ever endured in my life. i was...

December 10, 2015

5:01 in spectrality

so i got strep (? probably) and am very close to DYING i went to one of those CVS minute clinics yesterday (so convenient, i didn’t realize america was on that level yet) and the rapid test for s...

December 07, 2015

9:07 in spectrality

i’m doing like 5 things right now because that’s how i work best. duolingo, codecademy, money stuff, music, and now DIARYYY the pub run was on friday, it was good times. i hadn’t been since septe...

December 05, 2015

8:34 in spectrality

we had our TNT final yesterday. if i had failed then i could be fired… lol no big deal!! even then i didn’t really study, though. i don’t know. i just had to show up and do it. and i got a 95…!!!...

November 30, 2015

2:08 in spectrality

so MUCH has happened so i moved, successfully. i just got internet again. thanks time warner shit i don’t even know where to start! a couple weeks ago i got really anxious one afternoon and text...

November 11, 2015

8:04 in spectrality

the next time one of the linux ladies talks about being a ‘fatty’ i am going to snap. STOP IT. and i love shay but she’s always talking about how ‘gross’ she is, for having normal bodily function...

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