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May 28, 2016

10:55 in spectrality

whatever brandon!!!! i think i need to move in with a roommate when this lease is up. i hate the idea but…

May 27, 2016

11:21 in spectrality

holy shit everything at work was on fire last night. HOLY. SHIT. so many unsats… qq. like i don’t even know what people want me to do sometimes– that one guy, was just on the warpath, and wanted ...

May 26, 2016

12:31 in spectrality

i haven’t told anyone about hooking up with jerica, it’s myyy secret for now. and myyyyy revenge against brandt >:]. went out to 1919 last night with alex, anthony, and donovan after work. man...

May 23, 2016

11:50 in spectrality

i think i need to write, a lot has happened. i don’t even remember what i’ve had time to make a note of so i’m just going to start. i went over to jerica’s on friday night because i was going to ...

May 21, 2016

1:05 in spectrality

jerica stayed over. i’d like to say i feel something, anything, but i mostly just feel tired and dead? it was all about what i expected to happen

May 11, 2016

11:19 in spectrality

brandon graduated high school in 2013. dot dot dot.......... i’m toooooooooooo old but i don’t look it and it’s confusing people

May 09, 2016

2:31 in spectrality

i’m too busy. i’m too fucking busy! and i have an annoying tendency to settle for and develop dumb crushes on men because girls are hard as fuck to get a hold of. (so many unanswered messages on ...

April 22, 2016

12:02 in spectrality

NEW HAIR NEW HAIR NEW HAIR. stephanie at work told me it reminds her of a peacock. OMG BEST COMPLIMENT. i was going for mermaid but i will gladly take ‘peacock’ as well. things are thingy. prope...

April 13, 2016

11:33 in spectrality

CAN LIFE JUST QUIT FOR LIKE. A WEEK? bad hailstorm last night, my car is pretty fucked! filed the claim online, just waiting for insurance to call me back now.. not sure what happens from here. i...

April 05, 2016

1:12 in spectrality

soo. went to the doctor. had bloodwork done and a pap. pap was normal, bloodwork was mostly ok except that my triglycerides and cholesterol are like.. super fucking high. like obese-level high. a...

April 02, 2016

10:49 in spectrality

we’re gonna try and be friends i guesssssss. i don’t get why it’s so hard not to ignore someone still, after so long, but i guessssssssssssss. i got pulled over on my way home from work last nigh...

March 26, 2016

10:50 in spectrality

she responded to me and it was very kind. =================================== when do i stop being sad?

March 20, 2016

1:48 in spectrality

booked a doctor’s appointment. because oh boy i have really outdone myself with the crazy this weekend… can i go back to normal and stop being so crazy :/ i’m sorry..

March 18, 2016

1:39 in spectrality

the grand canyon was great. then i got home and jeff … forgot?… about nutmeg’s litterbox and never emptied it so it was super super super full and stinky and she got mad and peed… well, i don’t e...

March 11, 2016

1:41 in spectrality

so i was being a big worrywort for nothing and pepper has the healthiest bloodwork, like, ever. \o/ file that as #039345 under “pointless anxiety and worry”

March 08, 2016

12:40 in spectrality

i’m worried about pepper. maybe i’m just being crazy.. but it seems like her health is taking a sudden decline. i mean she’s not in bad shape, yet?, but just these little things started popping u...

March 08, 2016

7:49 in spectrality

the grand canyon! i’m actually going!! to the grand canyon…!!!! whaaaaat it’s becoming real! i want to see beautiful things and remember the point of living <3

March 05, 2016

12:56 in spectrality

the constant battle between listening to music that brings my anxiety down but is also inevitably kinda sad emotional piano stuff that makes me want to cry. o_x also can i just brag about what a ...

March 03, 2016

5:13 in spectrality

oh ya and i watched inside out last night (thanks dustin for the plex server access..) and i identified way too much with it. wow that movie taught me so much about my emotions and i’ll be 28 soo...

March 03, 2016

11:56 in spectrality

oh no i’m sad again. man can i just be happy again like i used to be? before jerica? when i still felt like life had meaning…? the ups are at least THERE now which is more than i can say for a ye...

February 28, 2016

11:51 in spectrality

windows girl is totally dating anthony, >:(. i still think she’s gay tho. but i won’t interfere… just continue to silently creep :D i guess i should start matching and messaging people on tind...

February 25, 2016

11:06 in spectrality

it got cold again. i burned the last of the sticks i had collected like a hobo out on my balcony in the fireplace. well actually jeff did because i think my fireplace is his favorite part of comi...

February 20, 2016

10:30 in spectrality

such nice mornings lately! man. i just can’t get over it. I WAS SO UNHAPPY FOR SO LONG. i was so depressed for the past YEAR like holy shit! is this what contentment feels like? i had truly forgo...

February 18, 2016

11:08 in spectrality

no more cat talk for now. i’m just happy, lately. my life is finally feeling ‘real’ to me. i haven’t felt that way since i left japan and had to rebuild ~everything~. for so long i’ve just felt ...

February 15, 2016

10:37 in spectrality

let’s talk about CATS some more!! so on friday i got home after work and i found out nutmeg had peed on my bed while i was gone. on the comforter all the way down through the sheets, but luckily ...

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