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3 hours ago

Request Rejected! in HUMORous

Yes, small images but if you want to see them download and enlarge.

I saw his face with others in a truck retreating from a front line city in Ukraine. His face to me epitomizes that war. Such fatigue and suffering he feels in this photo.

After today’s Supreme Court ruling against the rights of women to have an abortion, I wonder what the next idiocy will be as the USA marches FORWARD! INTO THE PAST! They have been attacking the ...

For the first time in my life I realize that I can be randomly killed by an idiot with a firearm. If that person kills or wounds me, they would have to be an idiot. I do no harm to anyone. Just l...

I was recently talking to a social worker/therapist about my times of drinking and pot smoking. The worst of times were wasting the last 2 years of high school experimenting with alcohol and pot ...

Yesterday I wrote about understanding who my best most evolved self is and in time, IS. Love is the best we are when we are loving people. It brings us back to an innocence that was lovingkindn...

1 day ago

Birds For Supper in HUMORous

Their cage is near the cupboard in the kitchen so after fighting with them, I let them use the cupboards. Food is in a box ;-) The things we do to spoil our kids.

This is a 4-foot “Stocky” ladder my former company made. The Michigan Ladder Company was the last factory in the USA that manufactured ladders made of wood. There had once been many. Over the yea...

Making breakfast this morning I remembered parts of a dream I had. The feeling and some of the people. Location was the old factory. There was a recurring dream theme of anger at a boss that had ...

Was talking with my therapist yesterday and she hit me with a good question after I had been prattling on about different times of my life and various states of being - stoned, drunk and strict s...

My 2 Conures love chia seed. One of those trial and error things. Offer it to them and see if they like it. They love it. Same with such things as Almond milk. Ground nuts as well. The Chia seeds...

3 days ago

Buddy & Max in HUMORous

Nice couple ;-)

3 days ago

Funny in HUMORous

Talked to my therapist today about why so much does not bother me (and why other stuff does). As long as nobody has a weapon pointed at me or the cops are not going to put me away or some lunati...

3 days ago

Hiking Tip in HUMORous

3 days ago

6/21/22 in StuffScottWrote

My second video session with a therapist today. I am learning her cues for when I have been talking and going off-topic. Focusing now. Last week a good perception of hers that I am still grieving...

4 days ago

A Real Friend in HUMORous

4 days ago

Cute Drive Thru in HUMORous

I have an ugly growth on the front of my body below my sternum. If I was not male I would think I was going to have triplets. I have become a fat old man. Sure, 205 pounds may not sound so bad a...

5 days ago

More Jen Psaki in HUMORous

Note: I just assume she said this stuff. Sounds like her style. Sharp clever wit.

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