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October 31, 2021

Pancake Eaters (Photo) in Ok,Boomer

October 30, 2021

The Idiocracy Is Real in Ok,Boomer

As a sort of masochism, I have looked at my old factory on both Google Earth and Apple Maps. It is amusing what I have seen. I go to the ground level views and try to look at the factory. All dri...

A pallet of shingles was dropped off at my house this morning in preparation for my house being reroofed Sunday. The roofing company owner wanted to do it earlier than expected. I put black plast...

If anyone reads this other than I as I write it, it will be very depressing. I guess this is just how some of us see the world. I have become extremely negative lately. Health issues and my life...

October 29, 2021

Dog Person... in Ok,Boomer

October 29, 2021

Trippy...Art Work Or Not? in Ok,Boomer

October 29, 2021

"Let's Go Brandon" in Ok,Boomer

Libs never needed a euphemism for what they wanted to say. We just SAID what we meant.

October 29, 2021

pics in Ok,Boomer

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October 29, 2021

A Fear Of Memory Problems in Ok,Boomer

Years ago I learned about Alzheimer’s and Dementia. I found them to be terrifying. Since then I have been very aware of my memory. Recall. What I can remember and what I cannot. My memory of word...

Anti-coagulation center called. Calmed me down. Told me I am not going to become a jellied bleeding mass but told me no knife juggling today or bird bites or paper cuts. Since there is a possibil...

I think my memory is having problems. I have to take Xarelto one pill every morning. A blood thinner. I forgot if I took a pill and then I took one. I am sitting here wondering if I took 2 pills....

October 28, 2021

A Great Example Of Love in Ok,Boomer

October 28, 2021

Joke - Sounds About Right in Ok,Boomer

A man goes into a pet shop to buy a parrot. The shop owner points to three identical looking parrots on a perch and says: “The parrot to the left costs 500 dollars”. “Why does the parrot cost so ...

I hope they do not ban Fahrenheit 451.

I lived a very sheltered life as a kid and young adult. I loved all manner of fiction. I loved ghost stories without questioning the reality of ghosts. Or god. Or anything I now see as totally FI...

October 27, 2021

To Live For in Ok,Boomer

Long ago I saw a television episode in which a man would not die until a book was finished being read to him. I don’t remember the particulars of it but these days I can relate to it. It stuck wi...

I routinely read through postings on this site and am often tempted to write something like the title of this post. Whenever I write I ask myself about the tone of it. I am no macho guy but damn,...

October 26, 2021

Jumping In Leaves in Ok,Boomer

October 26, 2021

Another Joke in Ok,Boomer

I haven’t had sex since 1956 A woman asked an Army General when the last time he had made love to a woman. The general replied “1956, ma’am.” The woman, in disbelief said “1956?! That long? Come ...

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