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I’ve taken all my thoughts and worries and wrapped them around each like rubber bands I’d pick it up but it weighs a ton so instead it sits on a bare shelf it’s the only thing I can see it gets h...

December 11, 2017

words. in This is how I write.

The bell rings and we filter out the door one after another in no order. There’s a deafening silence that would make most uneasy and feel the need to speak but no one says a word. It’s part of th...

I think the same way as if walking through a thick fog with a sense and good knowledge of what’s ahead. and yet it’s difficult to plan how to react with such limitations; how can I be sure if I s...

December 04, 2017

Can I get your number? in 2017

Can I get your number? RUNS Immediate reaction: UH NO. Oh wait, specifically on a site to potentially end up meeting someone. They call this whole thing ‘meeting someone online’ or ‘online dating...

December 03, 2017

strange feeling in 2017

There just simple isn’t enough time. I don’t know how but it’s slipping past me at an incredible rate. I can’t keep up. I have so much work, I’m bouncing between jobs and basically have too much ...

I think I’d like to be a writer. A musician I am not, the beat I might claim to hold is disjointed and troubling to the ears of others if it went on for too long. I can’t read music just the same...

October 10, 2017

common sense. in This is how I write.

You can’t teach common sense. So I’m at a loss really with the people I’m dealing with. Complete loss.

Let the stalking commence! (Don’t worry, it’s part of (one of) my jobs).

September 20, 2017

disaster in This is how I write.

My place is an absolute disaster. I have no time to clean up the chaos that struck. All I do is work.

September 19, 2017

can't keep up in This is how I write.

I have too much side work I can’t keep up. I left work early, on a pretense of having an appointment (hah?) …Just so I can be able to do some of my side work. Try to catch up as things are due an...

September 18, 2017

feet are on fire in This is how I write.

My feet are on fire. They’re so freaking hot it’s quite uncomfortable. It feels like tons of tiny needles covered in flames just latched on burning away. I don’t know why but that happens from ti...

September 17, 2017

shine in This is how I write.

You try to shine but find out you’ve no shot in time To want to please to want to shine Try as you might what a shame to find out dull doesn’t shine.

September 14, 2017

today again in This is how I write.

Today is done, tomorrow starts so it’s today again.

I honestly don’t know where the time goes sometimes. It’s 11:30pm. Before that it was 9pm - 8pm flew by, saw the start, skipped to the end. Before that, 4:30pm Before that near 1pm Before that 9:...

September 12, 2017

I'm tired. in This is how I write.

I’m just tired. I’m physically tired. I’m tired of working. I’m tired of people not working. I’m tired of being underpaid. I’m tired of fighting to be paid fairly. I’m tired of often loosing this...

Sometimes if I walk up a lot of stairs (3 flights apparently will do it) I feel out of breath and it’s a wee bit harder to breathe for a little while. That seems a little ridiculous. I tell mysel...

September 10, 2017

it found me in This is how I write.

I never get spiders in my place. And then today I found one. Well, it found me. I certainly wasn’t looking for it. I was getting a cutting board, moved one and there it was. Just casually crawl...

I cut my hair. Rather, I had my hair cut. I sometimes want to do something drastic, but I never do. It’s an improvement though. It was becoming, questionable you know?

I hate being asked “so what are your plans this weekend?” Hate it. Because I have none. I never have plans. If I’m not working I’m sitting in this same chair for hours on end watching TV, and if ...

March 10, 2017

madness within in 2017

My mind does not stop - scenarios play and replay over and over on a sickening loop, not quite a memory or reality - loosely based and full of what if’s, should have’s and have not’s. I just sta...

March 05, 2017

wanting to write in 2017

Oh the troubles of wanting to write, but a blinking cursor and a blank screen seems to speak volumes instead. While I’ve never been one to actually talk, I used to be able to write down most thin...

September 16, 2016

I've got a mind of its own in 2016

Never dreamt of a princess crown No make believe wedding gowns Never did I play house No not me no pretend family Never once in the future did I see Anything but just me. I am my own drum beat An...

May 22, 2016

words of time in 2016

Behind the words of time the emotion’s just the same we’re fighting just to breathe suffocating within just to be. Just to be a lasting memory laced with familiarity we’ve been here before don’t...

I feel like a rock - not by weight but in association of being quite put. Unmoving. My eyes dart around but my face does not move. Fingers fly over letters and my mind is just quite aware and the...

speak up be loud so naive shutdown. break it apart to find nothing again each thought is a statement a sentence of a life time words formed by letters written to no one shapes lines and curves ...

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