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March 11, 2022

New medication begins in 2022

Yes! My blood pressure is damn near perfect. Diastolic is perfect and systolic is close. I’ll take my blood pressure again at the end of the day when it’s supposed to go up and see how much it cl...

March 09, 2022

Beach in 2022

I thanked Jessie for letting me pour all my health frustrations on her. “That’s what I’m here for,” she said. I could hug her for that! Being 50 miles from Cape Canaveral, I was surprised Jessie ...

March 06, 2022

Levothyroxine/Tirosint in 2022

Anyone here ever take levothyroxine and experience anxiety on it and switch to tirosint? Does anyone here even take terosint? If so, do you find it helpful?

March 02, 2022

RIP Dixie in 2022

Dixie, my old neighbor in Cali, died last night. A bit of a sad case, but not surprising. She was out of it in the end and selfish in her own ways, but it’s still sad. I wonder how Diane is feeli...

They’re coming to inspect the AC tomorrow, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I got woken up. I’m now 10% through my trip and have gone nearly 300 miles. I made egg muffins for the first time, but t...

I was having so much fun sharing pics from my various trips on VZfit but lately, they’re not transferring over. There always has to be a fucking issue. I guess it’s no biggie, though, because I’m...

February 24, 2022

Past Pissers in 2022

When I read back on old entries of mine, I sometimes laugh at some of them while others I realize I’ve forgotten about. Then there are those that piss me off. I read a journal entry from the earl...

February 16, 2022

AC & Dreams in 2022

Andy turned 60 yesterday. Andy, who wants to be called Mark. He said it took his family a while to get used to the idea of it and it will definitely take me a while too. I’ll call him that direct...

February 14, 2022

Hey Facebook in 2022

If all goes well, Florida will feel like Florida starting tomorrow. So, 6 weeks of winter. It’s better than 6 months, but I was really hoping for 6 days. I finally finished Jessie’s diamond paint...

February 13, 2022

Copy of last week's entries in 2022

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2022 Had a shitty night last night. I was anxious for most of it. Tom thinks it’s because I was on nights, even though that’s not the only factor, which is why I don’t alwa...

February 07, 2022

First Week of Feb. in 2022

Here are the highlights of the first week of this month. They’re actually copies of some of my tweets. The dermatologist said to keep my nails short, wrote me a prescription for a lacquer that I’...

January 27, 2022

Don't Say What? in 2022

Don’t say gay? Are you fucking serious, Florida? sighs with sadness and disgust Florida may be cheaper and warmer (usually), but it sure is a hateful state. The Don’t Say Gay bill is absolutely r...

January 27, 2022

Riding the world in 2022

Unless you’re on the southern tip of the state, Florida is NOT summery year-round. It sucks alright. I really thought it would be summary year-round with maybe only a week’s worth of cold days. N...

January 26, 2022

Yes, I'm a troll in 2022

Margaret says Dixie was/is in the hospital. As near as she can tell, she’s been in the hospital for at least three weeks. She talked to the lady living across from her. Diane is still an Auburn a...

January 24, 2022

Am I really in Florida? in 2022

We’ve been having absolutely shitty weather. I can’t believe this is Florida! Last night we got down to 34 degrees. 30fucking4 degrees! I hate freezing my ass off like this and having to be bundl...

January 23, 2022

Sick in 2022

In the past two days I’ve worked out 4.5 hours, that’s how addicted to ZVfit I’ve been. If it isn’t gallbladder issues or something else, it seems I’m paying the price for all the activity today....

January 22, 2022

Addicted in 2022

I’m so addicted to this VZfit app! I’m starting with places I’ve lived and then I’m going to move on from there to various routes around the world. I went from the first Longmeadow house I lived ...

January 21, 2022

VZfit in 2022

VZfit rocks! It is totally, totally awesome. You ride this thing called an exerboard through any street on Google Maps. They also have it for stationary bikes. It’s totally awesome that I can pic...

January 20, 2022

Anxious in 2022

Finally got my derma referral. As Tom pointed out, people change insurance at the 1st of the year and so they’re swamped. That’s what they said too, and they apologized for the delay and referred...

January 19, 2022

Good evening in 2022

So I’m trying a new recipe in the crockpot. I’m making pork chops with a sauce that I’ve never made before that uses ranch dressing and brown gravy. It’ll be a while before it’s ready. Casting to...

January 18, 2022

Thrill of the Fight in 2022

Thrill of the Fight is an awesome VR boxing game! Gets the heart rate up way easier than Moon Rider does. Moon Rider is fun, but it’s actually more of a relaxing workout. It’s better than nothing...

January 17, 2022

CVS in 2022

I’ve remained anxiety-free for the last four days or so. Today I took an 88 of the levothyroxine. Hopefully, I’ll stay calm! We’ve been having some shitty weather that makes me feel like we never...

January 15, 2022

Chicago Med in 2022

Usually, I copy and paste parts of my journal entry that I wish to share into a post here. This time, however, I think I’ll just talk-type directly into this text editor and leave it at that. Tha...

January 13, 2022

Beach in 2022

Back from the beach and sipping on my wine now. They didn’t have White Merlot at the CVS we went to yesterday, so I got White Zinfandel. The rest of this entry was written on the road. Got my spa...

January 12, 2022

Chilly in 2022

I was going to let myself get a little backed up in blogging so I would have something to write about on the road if we went to the beach. However, it doesn’t look like we’re gonna make it this t...

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