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Married to husband 16 yrs, traveling the globe or so it seems at times, like to listen to music while working out, frugal shopper, love photography (I am an amateur photographer, but love taking pictures and videos). Sometimes my life is exciting, dramatic at times, stressful, and other times just boring...lol

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April 27, 2020

Making the most of it in 2020

I can’t get to Disney, so I made pineapple, macadamia nut pancakes and pog juice (passionfruit, orange, guava)

April 25, 2020

This is funny in 2020

April 23, 2020

Dagona coffee in 2020

I might put less milk in on the bottom of the whipped coffee

April 10, 2020

Supermoon in 2020

April 03, 2020

3 weeks in 2020

Tomorrow will be the last time I went to the parks, or pretty much anywhere other than getting groceries. I am about to lose my mind. Plus as of today, the entire state will be on a stay at hom...

April 01, 2020

Going Stir crazy in 2020

The only time we go out is to go to get groceries. We have been inside this last time for three days. Various family members are upset they can’t attend a funeral or something for brother in la...

March 28, 2020

Enough stress in 2020

Today found out a brother in law passed away. He had pancreatic cancer A cousin was exposed to corona and is living with an older cousin. The older cousin has a heart condition and diabetes.

March 26, 2020

Under stay at home order in 2020

Two more weeks at least. Already been inside for 12 days (other than for groceries and essentials) You find out how strong you are being around each other 24/7. The hotel staff called this ...

March 23, 2020

Keeping busy in 2020

I sewed a hole in my batman shirt, gave myself a mud mask, a hair mask, clean the room, etc. I seriously doubt the parks will open at the end of the month. I doubt most stores will be open the...

March 20, 2020

Shocked in 2020

I went to Walmart, I needed more apples. They were out of bleach, toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, etc. I went to Dollar Tree and they had toilet paper, paper towels, bleach, hand ...

March 19, 2020

Trying not to go stir crazy in 2020

The only time we went anywhere was to Publix for groceries. Thanks, hoarders who take all the meat other than chicken gizzards and pigs feet…lol And no I am not joking, that was what was left...

All of the theme parks, now Disney Springs, and Disney resorts are supposed to close in a couple of days. I think all bars in Florida are closed, and restaurants are limited. Yesterday to celebr...

March 08, 2020

Great day today in 2020

I went to Disney Springs and ate at Chicken Guy. I ate three grilled tender combo. I had it with the Nashville hot sauce and the bourbon bbq. Pretty tasty. I went to Disney’s All-Star Movie re...

March 03, 2020

Unbelievable in 2020

My sister (I haven’t spoke to in over a decade) message me on FB. She had the same speel of how I hate her. Not true, I don’t hate anyone. I got tired of lies, manipulation, deceit, and dr...

February 08, 2020

Long day in 2020

Good day, but very long. I went to Universal Studios City Walk Voodoo donuts, I ate a mardi gras themed donut. A long john donut filled with chocolate cream and the top icing in colors for Mard...

February 06, 2020

Sugar factory shake in 2020

February 02, 2020

Today in pics in 2020

(kung fu panda punched me…lol) Honey chipotle chicken fajitas.

January 29, 2020

Kicking butt and taking names in 2020

I did laundry, refilled the pills for Larry, made lunch, got clean towels, and an hr on the bike.

January 24, 2020

The crazies are out tonight in 2020

We went out to Hooters near us. It is next to Howl at the moon. Anyway, someone from Howl at the moon came out and said something about we should back into the spot. So he wouldn’t be blocked...

January 17, 2020

Great start to the weekend in 2020

I went to Sugar Factory and had a grilled cheese and got the tomato soup instead of the marinara and it came with fries. I also got an insane milkshake

January 15, 2020

Great day in 2020

I woke up without a sore throat, still coughing some and clearing my throat, but getting better. I went to Cafe Tu Tu Tango and ate hangar steak skewers and had hash under it. A bit spicy, but g...

January 11, 2020

Sick in 2020

I had a cold now for about three days. Drank hot peppermint tea with honey, gargling with salt water, drank OJ, taken vitamin c and cold medicine, and ate chicken noodle soup. Sprayed throat w...

January 04, 2020

Officially wore out in 2020

I went to Disney Springs, Gaylord Palms, the new Disney Rivera resort, Caribean resort. I went to Sea World after.

January 01, 2020

Happy New Year in 2020

I hope everyone had a great New Years’ Eve and hope the New Year is a great one. So far, so good. New Years Eve afternoon I went to the Orlando Eye/Wheel (whatever they want to call it this we...

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