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In 2020 my mom bought me a 2008 police interceptor that is a Impala. It is white. It is a good dependable car.. mom said if I ever find another police interceptor for sale give her a call she wan...

1 day ago

Heaven is so far away in ?

December 9,2018 is when dad died.. every year I miss him. Every year I wish heaven had a phone so I could call and just talk..here I am crying during lunch. I need to straighten my face and keep ...

Yesterday morning Talan accidentally discharged a gun through the wall of my mobile home. He was trying to clean it when it misfired. Nobody was hurt just a hole the size of a quarter is on the o...

1 day ago

Sick of everything in ?

Today is my day off Talan and I ate at Bellacinos. I am sick but I wanted mom to see a retired police car that was for sale. I was hoping she would buy it for herself so I wouldn’t be her taxi an...

Talan got his gun sighted spent all his money on bullets so I paid for gas so he could go hunting. It isn’t sighted correctly so wasted all his bullets trying to get on the target. The deer were ...

3 days ago

Weight loss app? in ?

What is a good free calorie counter app for my phone. I need to lose 50 pounds for my health.. there is just so many apps it is hard to choose.

My mom and I have been discussing doing a garden in the spring. She is interested in learning how to compost. At Goodwill I found a collapsible container to put compost in so it breaks down. It i...

I never understood why people are so shocked when a celebrity wears something several times.. they have a fashionable closet of adventure and you expect them not to play dress up? Fashion is not ...

I want to take a wood pallet put it on wheels and make a pallet garden. I want it on wheels so it isn’t a permanent fixture so if I decide to put it somewhere else I can pull it to the destinatio...

My mom said since I am never having children she is going to adopt other people’s grandchildren to spoil.. She went as far saying she thinks I am unfertile. She asked why can’t i give her a grand...

4 days ago

Abused women in ?

Why are a lot of the women around me at work tolerating being abused? They deserve better. They just don’t have the confidence to leave.. go get help before I got to read your obituary.

5 days ago

Bunny face in ?

I just out and bought a bunny face mask just to mess with my fellow employees..sometimes it is fun to spice things up

I just want to freaking sleep.. mom just learned how to post pictures she is so excited she keeps texting me all these pictures.. ma I love you I am glad you learned something new but I got to be...

5 days ago

:) in ?

Tetris has taught us if you fit in you disappear.. why by ordinary when you can be extraordinary?

I was supposed to work 6:30-2. My boss decided I needed to work an extra hour and a half past my schedule. My husband knew how much getting a picture with Krampus at Notoriously Morbid so he race...

7 days ago

No sleep for the wicked in ?

I hate being everything to everyone I just wish I could rest without being nagged. My next day off this phone is going off I am taking a nap Yesterday I was up by 4 I worked. 5 am to 1:30 my husb...

My husband Talan cooked deer meat stew as a present where we were going to Tella’s for Thanksgiving. Due to me being sick my medicine had me sleep part of the day. By the time we got to Tella’s ...

November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving in ?

Our deer stew has to cook a bit longer we are bringing Mead. Talan hunted the deer and even made the Mead. We are having Thanksgiving dinner with friends my mom is coming too. Happy Thanksgiving ...

November 25, 2021

Sick, dad's ghost, husband's deer in ?

After being sick all day I wanted to check my mail I was feeling a lot better from my antibiotics the doctor gave me in hours I started being able to taste my food but I slept most of the day. Mo...

November 24, 2021

Happy holidays in ?

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving or Ingenious People’s Day I just want to tell everyone Happy Holidays. I hope your experience is drama free.

November 24, 2021

:( I hate this in ?

I got the mint and dark chocolate kitkats.. this sinus infection has robbed most of my taste.. if you see me crying in my car at Krogers ignore me. I am sick.

My husband managed to go hunting and get a button buck. He is very proud of himself. He spent all day in Lewisburg knowing that I needed to go to the doctor. By the time he got home it was late. ...

November 23, 2021

Husband off hunting, I am sick in ?

My husband Talan went to his uncle’s farm in Lewisburg today to go hunting. I am kind of hoping he comes home with nothing. I don’t like the taste of deer meat and he always tries to trick me int...

November 22, 2021

Remedies for cold? in ?

I am taking Kroger Severe Daytime Sinus Congestion and Pain. I am using nasal spray and I am drinking echinacea tea. My nose is running so bad I can barely breathe. I asked my boss if I could go ...

November 22, 2021

Tired in ?

I am so exhausted. I just keep pushing to be everything to everyone. What is sleep? I don’t know.

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