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I should be using PB as a journal instead of just a soapbox. I worked last night until midnight which meant not getting to bed until after 1. At 9 I got a text asking if I could come in at 4PM in...

For the most part posting on Facebook is preaching to the choir. I’m sure that for the most part every friend you have a FB has similar beliefs as you. For example, if you post something politica...

I’m sure this has been contemplated - searchable hashtags. People could be appropriate hashtags at the bottom of their posts to make it easier to find people writing about a specific subject. I’m...

February 05, 2019

Victoria in TV & Movies

Anybody watch the recent episode of Victoria? So sad.

January 31, 2019

Blog and PB in General Stuff

So I decided that in addition to PB I would also start a blog. It seems to me that the two venues can be used for different things. A lot of PB is very blog-like. But a dedicated blog has the abi...

January 29, 2019

Anne with an E in General Stuff

We just finished watching both seasons of this NetFlix adaptation of the Anne of Green Gables books. Neither my wife or I have read the books so I have no foundation to make comparisons. That’s ...

I finally watched the season 2 premiere of Discovery. I really liked it. I like the change in show from the first season. It is becoming more Star Trek-y. And I had the same reaction at the begin...

January 22, 2019

Dueling Banjos in General Stuff

I think I might have to buy a banjo and become a hillbilly. Last week I had a cap on one of my teeth come out. Now I have a gap where one of the canine teeth was. Today I visited with the dentist...

January 21, 2019

TV Service in General Stuff

I’m looking at dropping my Dish Network and picking up a streaming service like DirectTV Now or Hulu Live. I would have to upgrade my internet service. Boosting the internet and switching to a st...

January 18, 2019

Roswell Then and Now in TV & Movies

In 1999 we had the tv series Roswell. In 2019 we have Roswell, New Mexico. I watched all of the 1999 series and even read one of the books it was based on. I enjoyed it and might even do a rewat...

January 16, 2019

White Album in Music

The Beatles, of course. The other day I happened to listen to a music podcast that was discussing the 50th anniversary edition of the Beatles White Album. I got my hands on a copy and started lis...

January 15, 2019

New-ish Computer in General Stuff

My desktop computer died early last year and I have been using the laptop in the meantime. The laptop is good, but it isn’t enough to handle everything I need a computer to do. I mainly have it t...

January 14, 2019

Can Opener in General Stuff

We had to go buy a new can opener today. Our old one was more of a “can’t opener”. Ain’t that exciting?

January 13, 2019

1st Entry in General Stuff

I have looked at several other journal/blog/diary sites lately and decided to use PB. I plan to use this site to write about general stuff, my hobbies, and whatever strikes me at the moment. I’m ...

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