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December 18, 2020

Cranky in Day to Day

I’m a cranky shit today. I’m ready to throttle my kid. I managed to get most of the left side of the house (living room, entryway, guest bath, and Nathan’s room) clean despite being a lump on the...

December 18, 2020

Wrap-up in Day to Day

After finally getting my blood draw, I went to the shelter and got all the paperwork finalized and the fee paid, and definitely wasn’t getting home in time to pick up Nathan for his lesson, so I ...

December 17, 2020

I need a day at home!! in Day to Day

It’s another day of mad dashes around town and I’m so tired of running errands. Took the kits to the clinic for another round of flea meds before the big drop-off this evening. Ginger’s incision...

December 14, 2020

96 in Day to Day

Got a 96 for Hist 1302. Only got an 85 on the final essay buuuut it was 1k word essay I wrote, lazily, in a few hours. I barely even proofread it, and I think I used all of 4 pages from the textb...

December 13, 2020

OMGGUYS! in Day to Day

The family we met is going to adopt both babies! They had two older cats that they lost earlier in the year, so the babies are only kind of Christmas presents, not specifically so. They have 3 ol...

December 12, 2020

Dooone in Day to Day

Got my essay written, and it’s coherent, cohesive, and beat the 1k word minimum. And I went and got a pedi with Mermaid. ❤ Now we’re going for burgers cuz that’s what the dude is wanting. I start...

December 11, 2020

Wrapped in Day to Day

I wrapped most of the presents yesterday, hooray. As for this morning, my productivity consists of feeding the horde and doing 2 quizzes. I need to write an essay… I don’t wanna, which is compoun...

December 10, 2020

Here I sit.. in Day to Day

Watching Bridget Jones’s Diary, eating a pile of spinach, trying to talk myself into wrapping a pile of presents. Gotta warm up my coffee and maybe spike it with more syrup, cuz it isn’t Starbuck...

December 08, 2020

Made it official *edit* in Day to Day

edit OMG y’all. I totally forgot to mention this, and it’s f*cking ridiculous. So you know I’ve been trying to contact my contractor for literally months? So I thought of him today and finally se...

December 07, 2020

Mid-load in Day to Day

I’m taking a break in the middle of loading the dishwasher for the second time today. I also condensed a fuckton of cardboard to load up to go to the recycling center, hopefully tomorrow. Washed ...

December 06, 2020

Another paper down in Day to Day

Only 2 quizzes and a final essay left for a schoolwork. I’ll be done with that by Friday, woo! I did a fridge purge and made sense of our leftovers. We’re officially not eating out for a while. ...

December 05, 2020

Gruß vom Krampus in Day to Day

Greetings from Krampus! It’s Krampusnacht and we’re starting our tradition of Christmas horror with none other than Krampus. I love this freakin’ movie. Today was Jurassic Quest, which of course ...

December 04, 2020

WOO finished with Spanish in Day to Day

Alright, totally done with my Spanish class, and not on the last day! Not even the day before the last day! Go me! Thomas’s bosses told him to take the day off to finish a couple papers for his c...

December 03, 2020

Ginger and Dandy in Day to Day

My ginger babies are doing well. They’re getting so big! I’m giving them supervised free reign of the living room. Right now they’re cuddled up in a big bowl-shaped cat post. It’s literally the c...

December 02, 2020

5-year-old in Day to Day

My baby boy hit 5! He’s gotten so damn big… We bought him a ‘big boy’s bike and helmet last week, though he didn’t get to try it until today. Spoiler alert: he loves it. Ok, so my kid has birthda...

November 25, 2020

Tiny Monsters.. in Day to Day

Dandelion can now escape the pack-n-play. Little monster… 😆 They’re so cute and rambunctious, though. Gotta love ‘em! Nathan was being an a-hole this morning… I wanted to take him to breakfast, h...

November 23, 2020

Acceptable in Day to Day

So, Friday. Started my day with my ultrasound appointment, which was invasive but not as bad as it could have been, I guess? The tech was really nice, though she totally butchered my name. I’m go...

November 18, 2020

But about that ham... in Day to Day

I’m going to throttle my child. He’s always a pain in the ass this time of year, between Halloween and Christmas. I don’t know if it’s too much going on or just being a pain in the ass around his...

November 17, 2020

Stinky pets in Day to Day

Sunday- Did another lime dip on the kittens as well as Taco today… Taco took it like a champ, the kits acted like we were torturing them. The yowling, omg… But they survived and are grumpily cudd...

November 13, 2020

Friday the 13th in Day to Day

Well.. It’s actually been an ok day? Kinda slept in. Nathan didn’t burn the house down. We hung out, I’ve been working on organizing my craft room… Sorted a ton of paperwork… Found my actual marr...

So.. I think they finally processed my termination for the job I left in mid-August… How do I know? I think they just paid out my accrued vacation time that I had figured I wasn’t ever seeing aga...

November 12, 2020

F*ck. in Day to Day

We lost Pheebs. She was at the clinic two days and passed overnight. I’m heartbroken but not surprised. Just fuck… Sigh. I was worried when I realized she was wheezing and wasn’t gaining and was ...

November 11, 2020

Reinforcing bad habits in Day to Day

Finished my entire chapter of Spanish assignments and did my test AND passed with a 98. This is only reinforcing the bad habit of putting shit off because I know I can manage it later. Bad Tish. ...

November 10, 2020

Pheebs in Day to Day

Phoebe was pretty lethargic today and wheezing, so I ran her up to the shelter clinic as soon as they opened. My two gingers are doing fine, being active and whatnot, so I just took Pheebs. They ...

November 10, 2020

Bizarre... in Day to Day

Lounging behind Nathan while he watches his videos for pre-k. Dude.. Youtube vids for kids are freaking weird. Soooo very strange. Kits are all up and eating today, yay. I have a fuckton of Spani...

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