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11 hours ago

Back again in Day to Day

Yeah, I’m posting again. I’m sad and just want to talk it out but don’t have anyone to just unload at. I let Odin run around for a while. He still looks like a horror show, with his messed up, b...

14 hours ago

Loki in Day to Day

I told them to tell the vet. They told him all of his symptoms. I knew it was a bowel obstruction. They treated him too conservatively. He came home and had one good day, then he started throwing...

19 hours ago

FUCK in Day to Day

I’m fucking heartbroken. Loki died. I’m nauseated and aching and ready to burn something to the ground. FUCKFUCKFUCK. TxT

2 days ago

Squeeze it out in Day to Day

I’m hooked up to the sucker machine and donating red cells and platelets. I have O+ blood and there’s severe shortage in the US, so I’m giving up the goods. Apparently I have a stellar platelet c...

This day. Holy hell. Around 1, Thomas says Loki is still not eating or drinking, hasn’t pooped, and is lethargic. I play phone tag and work out for my mom to pick up Loki to take him to the vet w...

4 days ago

On this day... in Day to Day

-I rescued yet another turtle from the road (running tally for turtle rescue and relocation is 5 this month) -we bought a new dishwasher -we took Loki to the vet for a possible bowel obstruction ...

5 days ago

Best day ever! in Day to Day

It’s my 1-year anniversary at my job, yay! So, to start the day, I rescued a turtle from the road in my neighborhood and sent him safely on his way, after a quick pic to share on my neighborhood ...

7 days ago

Keto-kay in Day to Day

I’m down almost 7lbs and Thomas is down almost 8lbs, so not a bad first week! I took booger to hang with M and her kiddos at a playground Saturday morning, which he loved. Most of the afternoon w...

May 15, 2019

Tying back in.. in Day to Day

..to my last entry, remember how I cleaned the hell out of my bathroom? Yeeeah, that was a very good thing, because that night Nathan went vomit-comet all over the floor, which had previously had...

Working. Dealing with the family. Trying with varying rates of success to keep my house off Hoarders or Tidying Up. (Marie Kondo is crazy, but damn if she isn’t inspiring me to throw shit out!) W...

April 18, 2019

Gross day in Day to Day

My day was bleh. Crappy production, weather was bleh, frustrated, etc. But I came home tonight and wrestled with my kids, Nathan tackled and tickled anyone in reach, and Lysha was all laughs. I f...

April 11, 2019

On and on in Day to Day

I keep meaning to sit and write a real entry, to document the fears and concerns and everything going on in my head with the adoption, work, life in general, but I’m on the move from 615am until ...

April 09, 2019

Note to self in Day to Day

When you decide to rear-end someone, make sure it isn’t literally the biggest asshole on fucking earth. Now, you might think that I rear-ended him which makes me the asshole. However. There was n...

April 07, 2019

Sunshine in Day to Day

We’re all feeling better now. We kind of hashed things out this Friday over dinner and some shopping. Yesterday we got girl’s eye exam done and glasses ordered, did some running around for home d...

April 04, 2019

Teenagers.. in Day to Day

Ugh. My new teenager, as fun and sweet as she is, is a teenager, and we’re having a day. I’m PMSing and not in the mood for her crap today, and when I bark back at her for being rude to me, she s...

April 03, 2019

Shakin' it in Day to Day

The compressor at work took a shit yesterday during my second-to-last patient, and I literally can’t even polish a patient’s teeth without the compressor. I was 20 minutes into my drive when I go...

April 01, 2019

In order: in Day to Day

So, events: former adoptive mom calling her: A’s first evening with us while we were at dinner, her former mother tried repeatedly to call her on fb messenger. I thought it odd, but didn’t realiz...

March 27, 2019

Kids in Day to Day

I’m hanging out in a booth at Chick-fil-a (sorry gay rights… they brine their chicken jn pickle juice and possibly crack..) and my kids are playing in the playground together. Lysha (what I call ...

March 25, 2019

So much to say in Day to Day

So I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. A is moved in and we’re all adjusting well enough. I have a lot to say (former adoptive mom calling her, old scars, toy rabbit stuffed with dog trea...

March 15, 2019

DNA results are in in Day to Day

So, prepare to be shocked… I’m calculated to be 66% from England/Wales/Northwestern Europe, 21% from Ireland/Scotland, and 13% from Norway. Going by straight numbers, one of my great-grandparents...

March 08, 2019

FFF in Day to Day

Finally f’ing Friday. It hasn’t been a long week, really.. Just a ridiculous one. After everything yesterday with Nathan having to go home early, Thomas got a nail in his tire. It didn’t go flat,...

March 07, 2019

Combination of suck in Day to Day

So Nathan was doing ok this morning, so he went to daycare. At 11, they start messaging me that he has a fever and they can’t reach Thomas. I have them trying to reach him for an hour, then just ...

March 06, 2019

Early days in Day to Day

I’m dying here. Monday morning started with Shitmageddon. Both dogs have had some sort of intestinal bug, and Penny let loose an onslaught of awfulness all over my bedroom carpet. We woke up to ...

March 03, 2019

Weekend wrap in Day to Day

Thursday was fine, spent most of the evening cleaning and getting ready. Friday morning we dropped off little man and were on the road by 9. The trip out was dreary, but mostly uneventful. We lis...

February 27, 2019

One more day in Day to Day

Today was ok. Little man had his dental checkup, so the three of us got lunch and then got him through his appointment. He got up from his nap early, so it took some work to keep him from freakin...

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