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I'm completely f'ing mental apparently - though really I believe I am actually normal and the rest of you are shoe-horning yourselves into boxes that really don't suit you. I believe in love and happiness, you never know when your number is up so live each day as you want to be remembered.

"The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off!"

Tony Robbins

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14 hours ago

Movin' On in The Phoenix

A few of my critics have mentioned how quickly I’ve moved on from my broken-heart, suggested I’m shallow and fake and even said I’m a bitch leading Vincent on and am probably still on Tinder. Now...

George saw that message I drunkenly sent a week ago. (It didn’t arrive at his phone til tonight.) Did I mention next morning I sent another? Saying “Sorry, I was drunk, didn’t mean it” kind of t...

2 days ago

Graduating. in The Phoenix

That’s me at the end of my 6 months! Feels both like a lifetime and the blink of an eye. A few weeks ago I was beating myself up bad about the time I wasted, but then I gave myself a shake, went ...

It’s lovely. Not in the same, intoxicating, addictive way George used to smell, that was a drug, a chemical dependency. I never liked him, the man. I fell for the raconteur and was hooked by the...

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