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November 26, 2017

Halp! in Sex

Someone give me a writing prompt. It can be pretty much anything…

January 02, 2015

New Year in Body

I’m not making any resolutions as far as getting in shape or whatever because I already do that and I do it well. So this book would be a way to keep track of the exercises/classes I’m taking. T...

August 15, 2014

The Collar in Sex

He puts the collar around my neck and adjusts it, making sure that it's not too tight and that I am comfortable. One of the best things I've come across in the many bondage stories I've read is ...

July 27, 2014

Something.. in Sex

There's something about lately that's made me more passionate. Maybe it's the fact that he was gone for a week; I have always known that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I don't remember...

May 07, 2014

In Progress in Sex

It's a regular day at work and I clock out hastily at 5:30, looking forward to some couch time. I turn into the driveway and he's there, leaning against his car, playing on his phone. I park, o...

April 19, 2014

3 AM in Sex

We meet at the bar for a drink. We bitch about work and let off some steam. He thinks he will beat me at basketball tonight, which he won't, but I humor him anyway. So we leave the table to play ...

April 13, 2014

Quiet in Sex

He's moved into a new house, so he gives me directions and then tells me he's going to hop in the shower. I arrive and park, walk tentatively up the stairs and open the door, hoping it's the rig...

March 23, 2014

House Guest in Sex

I can't seem to get beyond where this ends right now, but I am hoping to add to it at some point. But I'm sick of it sitting in my 'Drafts' folder. Suggestions are welcome (I do plan for it to ...

February 21, 2014

Slipped In in Sex

He slips in at 2 am, just like in the old days, out of breath from riding his bike and climbing up the stairs, but closing the door behind him carefully, quietly, so as not to wake me. He slips ...

December 26, 2013

Glitch in Poetry

I found this from December 2009. Damn, I can write! Cold night on campus hands jammed in my pockets slam the car door sit for a second and recall. Nights when I lived here a few sidewalks a...

December 14, 2013

Blindfolded in Sex

We're laying in his bed with the TV on and he says, "C'mere," and puts his arm out for me to lay on top of. He curls his arm up around my head and touches my hair, my nose, my lips. "What are y...

October 01, 2013

The Hot Tub in Sex

So we go to this hot springs place, got in the hot tub, it feels awesome. Pour some wine. We talk for a few minutes and then we start kissing and then my top comes off and then we talk about se...

October 01, 2013

In The Woods in Sex

There's something so fulfilling about his penis in me when I'm horny and wet and thinking about nothing but that, all. day. long. But there's something a little mischievous, a little nymph-y, ab...

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