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I have always had more dread of a pen, a bottle of ink, and a sheet of paper, than of a sword or pistol.

Look at them now. Look at what they do while I record these words. Hah.

Frank Herbert, God Emperor of Dune

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You will never be good enough to appease the insipid stupidity of the left.

5 hours ago

Maneuvers in Vagary

Stall. Delay. Obfuscate. Drop dead date is upon us. There will be no more delays. I’ve been patient enough. If it seems like I’m angry, I am. I’ve done everything I was asked to do. I’m not the o...

1 day ago

Tedious in Vagary

Played to the beat of drumming finger tips.

4 days ago

Welcome to my Lair in Vagary

Welcome to my lair, friend Come in. Sit down. Repose. It is a lovely lair, no? Still charming, I suppose. Please take a seat. Settle in. Make yourself at home. This chair is made for travellers S...

If you’re looking for a map, there ain’t one. I’m flattered you’d try, though.

The Day the Music Died If you were to pick a color that represented Soviet Russia, what color would it be? I don’t mean the government. (Red, obviously.) I mean the people, the artwork, the music...

5 days ago

Review in Vagary

Could I have learned…restraint?

5 days ago

Patience in Vagary

Make me feel special She wrote in the dirt Rubbed it out with her foot And flicked up her skirt Took off for the distance Past the hills and the skies Hid behind a cloud’s shadow Up where the cro...

Drudge is doing a massive troll on Republicans today. You should go check it out. I happen to appreciate his subtle form of propaganda. Most of the time he’s so tongue in cheek that lefties don’...

6 days ago

16. in Progression

The sun peeked playfully over the horizon, greeting me with a cheerful good morning as I ran quickly through silent streets. House after house slipped behind me, the residents inside unaware of m...

6 days ago

Conspicuous Absence in Vagary

The heat of the sun beat down on his neck as he stared down into the water, legs swinging idly off the end of the pier. Rough edges bit into the back of his thighs causing him to shift occasional...

6 days ago

The Situation in Vagary

I wish you would just be honest with me. You aren’t allowing me to make my own decisions.

You can always tell when you’ve hit the hornets nest because that’s when the angry little bees come out. It’s a fascinating process when you delve into rebutting the excesses of feminism, because...

The carousel always ends. Of course, at that point, it’s men’s responsibility, duty, honor, and obligation to marry you, right? Because that’s what you want right now and any man that refuses is ...

7 days ago

15. in Progression

The sun peeked playfully over the horizon, greeting me with a cheerful good morning as I ran quickly through silent streets. House after house slipped behind me, the residents inside unaware of m...

7 days ago

Squeeze in Vagary

Exposed, offering, muscles stretched taut. Arching backwards, veins tracing, pulsing, steady Each swallow causing a jolt of motion, gasping with the strain Hand reaches up and covers, taking pos...

7 days ago

Backstep in Vagary

Slight hesitation, indecision. Characterized and defined by a change in direction.

March 09, 2018

Volume II, Page 268 in Vagary

“You wish me, then, to relate the history of my past sorrows?” said she. “I beg you to do so,” replied Albert.

Apparently it’s not objectifying to wear a vagina on your head to identify yourself as a woman, but it is transphobic? Because nothing is more empowering to women than a man in a dress. Is that t...

March 08, 2018

Games in Vagary

It’s a lot of fun Playing the game. Just kidding. I hate it. It’s fucking lame. Give me the truth Without any bread Speak the words I see written On the screen of your head You could lie to me mo...

March 08, 2018

Off-Coloured in Inspiring Rage

It always amazes me that those touting the wisdom of the masses as a guiding light fight so hard to overturn conventional wisdom. And pretend like they’ve invented something brilliant.

March 07, 2018

Stupid Me in Vagary

I’ve always been of the opinion if you’re stupid enough to take it lying down, you deserve what you get. Excuse me while I stand and stretch.

March 07, 2018

Mood in Vagary


March 07, 2018

Appreciation in Vagary

Would it be so hard? Would it be so wrong? Would it be so difficult? Just to open up a little Let down your guard Just to acknowledge In a more than token manner Just to relinquish the poise If o...

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