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I have always had more dread of a pen, a bottle of ink, and a sheet of paper, than of a sword or pistol.

Look at them now. Look at what they do while I record these words. Hah.

Frank Herbert, God Emperor of Dune

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1 day ago

Rules in Vagary

You can’t ask that question. Yeah, I know, but I want to.

1 day ago

Slugs in Vagary

Plop Plop They drop into the cool water, producing ripples across the surface of the pool. White. Glistening, opalescent, pearl white against duller porcelain white. They slip slowly downhill, b...

1 day ago

Guessing in Vagary

Is it satire, parody, reality? Fucked, if I know.

1 day ago

Idiocracy in Vagary

Apparently the first birth control was issued today, 58 years ago. And thus began the experiment of only irresponsible or compulsive people breeding.

It’s not that communists aren’t blindingly obvious. It’s that people are so willfully stupid that every generation wants to pretend it’s this brand new and fantastic idea.

2 days ago

Stew in Vagary

Sometimes you have to add all the ingredients, stir it well, and let it simmer. A few hours and all the juices have mixed together, the scent fills the house, and you’re ready for your meal.

3 days ago

March? in Vagary

I’ve been putting off looking back to figure out the date. No conscious reason, just procrastinating. I thought I had more time. Didn’t remember how incredibly fast everything moved. I just check...

3 days ago

In Absentia in Vagary

My indifference is significantly more ominous than my anger.

Today I realized something. Some men don’t like it when their girlfriends or wives are more knowledgeable than them on a certain topic. I was having a conversation with my bf about black people n...

If you’re looking for an update on current political events, I have to recommend the Z Man. He’s an intelligent, interesting, entertaining read, but without the typical shrill hysteria. Level hea...

5 days ago

Siren in Vagary

It isn’t even a whisper. It’s a peremptory command, complete with hands on hips in dollbaby lace, wearing bows in its hair. And tapping it’s foot. Humorous? Of course. Dangerous? How about honest...

Constitutional Crisis: Reigning in the apparent abuses of unelected, faceless, and ultimately constitutionally undefined bureaucrats by the individual defined in the Constitution as the sole exec...

May 17, 2018

Tide Pods in Inspiring Rage

Remember the good ol’ days when stupid kids just drank bleach to harm themselves? Where was all the outrage then? When did bleach companies make restitution and reform themselves to make themselv...

May 17, 2018

Unmasked in Vagary

Suddenly and inexplicably all of the flirtaciousness is gone. You’ve stopped with the falsely nice behavior and the constant patronizing manipulation. You barely even acknowledge me. (Not a comp...

May 16, 2018

That's....Sad in Vagary

I don’t mean like boo-hoo sad. I mean like just… sad. That moment when you’re so ideologically driven, you can’t disagree with the sentiment behind a quasi-humorous anecdote without taking your b...

Single payer is the worst. ”The hardest thing to explain to Americans who are only familiar with private insurance is that if the government tells you no in a single-payer system, your only optio...

May 16, 2018

Tsunami in Vagary

The darkness pulses inside with a deep, resonating tone The ripples move ever outward across the roiling, viscous surface crashing against the bounds of their container and turning backward Glist...

May 16, 2018

Sycophant in Vagary

It took me a while to figure out, but I’m pretty sure you told that completely irrelevant, sad song story just to ingratiate yourself to your boss. That’s pathetic. I don’t come to work to be bur...

May 15, 2018

She Said in Vagary

I am sick of love.

I wish I was joking. It’s never, ever your fault. It’s all just a giant, super-secret conspiracy of the patriarchy to give you STDs. Fortunately you’re smart enough to figure that out. Even if y...

May 15, 2018

Castles in Vagary

It’s been so long since I’ve played. But some skills you just don’t forget.

May 15, 2018

Nightmare Cult in Vagary

I shall never sleep calmly again when I think of the horrors that lurk ceaselessly behind life in time and in space, and of those unhallowed blasphemies from elder stars which dream beneath the s...

May 14, 2018

In the Dark in Vagary

As the door creaked open, he paused at the top of the steps. A breeze blew past him, uncomfortably damp and smelling of must and mildew. He stared downward into the darkness, hesitant to begin hi...

If you support Trump… Good on you. He’s doing exactly what he promised to do. For once a politician works to keep his campaign promises. And just because some government employee is crying about ...

Just Teen Vogue, pushing communist propaganda. NBD. Let me save you some clicks. Communism has failed every time it was tried. (And it’s been tried a lot.) Your bearded, big mouthed, hipster pr...

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