Muppet Weird or Just Plain Fun or Both

by TechnoKitten

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This and others like it was the inspiration for making this book. Its weird and its fun! And you can't help but smile when you see it cause its STRANGE :-) and in the description of this book I ...

Book Description

Like other ppl my age I grew up watching the muppets as a kid. I love nostalgia but this book isn’t about that. From browsing youtube I find some interesting clips from Muppet show past that maybe I should remember them cause they are really out there! But I don’t. I’ve only come across a handful of clips as one person described one clip as ‘’ they must of been doing some wonderful drugs to come up with this’‘ so other then the plain weirdly fun clips here I’m gonna include other Muppet clips I find fun. Muppets are for all ages too. Enjoy :-)