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16 hours ago


I’ve been more active than normal the past few days. Working on losing weight. Using the treadmill more and doing some simple exercises to make some muscle groups feel fatigue. That was my life m...

For a few months I have had a piece of crumb sized bone sticking out of the gum of my mouth on the lower left side. I rubbed on it tonight to try to get some idea of size. It came loose and I was...

1 day ago

The three of us

My big day grocery shopping today. Felt good about not buying any junk food. Had a good time chatting people up. Short, greetings, smiles, and jokes. I realize that whenever I go out it’s somethi...

4 days ago

Personal quote

The twinkle some women may think they see in my eyes is not Lust. It is light reflecting off my cataracts.

Tonight my two birds decided to have a snack before going to bed. They watched me expecting me to push them from their food, but I stood back and let them eat. I like to watch my birds eat becaus...

November 22, 2023

To Be Ignored

It’s a power some have over us that we give them by giving a shit about their attention. In my view. If someone ignores us, it’s just a little fuck you or a big fuck you upon how much we care abo...

A very nice person on this site recently wrote about how they felt they were seen as “Boring”. I have thought about myself as such for a long time. Good or bad thing? I think it a good thing for ...

November 19, 2023


Yesterday I noticed my microwave oven was peeling paint. I did some research on the Internet and found this is a fire hazard. I looked on Amazon for the most simple, microwave oven. I could find ...

Video entry, Scott, talking to camera with Max under chin.

November 17, 2023

The simple wonder of breathing

Speech to text entry. I am at Times, a reluctant meditator. It’s like a pill I feel I need to take and at times I wonder what the pill is doing for me. But sometimes I see it. I feel it. Breathi...

November 16, 2023


I am 6 feet tall and recently noticed that my weight was 217 pounds. 216 pounds is the most I’ve ever weighed previously. I heard alarm bells in my head. I had to make a decision to get larger pa...

Such a melodramatic title. I have realized in the past couple years since my factory life ended that I understand much of my life looking back I try not to, but it’s a matter of being mature en...

November 13, 2023


She likes to snuggle between my beard and my chest and I cannot move when she does that. Soft and warm for both of us.

November 12, 2023


I have seen video of apes and chimps, making threatening, motions and noise. I realized, or believe that when let’s say a recent Russian official threatened nuclear war, as they have done many ti...

November 06, 2023

Remembering Sounds

I’m always amazed at what memories my mind retains. Recently, I heard the sound of machinery in my mind. I realized it was a memory of machines where I used to work. What was once an annoying no...

November 04, 2023

Dreams Feeling Real

A couple nights ago I had a dream in which I was back at the factory working. In the lunchroom and woman was being beaten by her boyfriend, and she had said oh it’s OK. I pulled him off her. Then...

It’s an interesting thought that came to me today. As a child, I thought the world might end with nuclear Armageddon back in I think it was 1963 with the Cuban missile crisis when the world becam...

November 02, 2023


Is the age most white males in the USA live to be. It’s an average. I wondered about that recently. A new awareness and fear for me of mortality. There is a sudden urgency to stay alive. Friends ...

November 02, 2023

Photo Of Me In The Morning

When I was young, I believed in everything of the imagination. All holidays. Halloween, for example. I no longer do. Or Christmas (I did when I was a Christian). I have no belief in ANY holidays...

October 31, 2023


For over a month my dentist has been working very hard to make a bridge for my lower row of teeth. I don’t have any molars and that was going to be corrected with a bridge. Much fitting was done ...

October 30, 2023

Circle Of Life ;-)

October 30, 2023

Ok Old Man

In the morning I lay in bed, analyzing my body. A bit gassy, but that’s normal and possibly good. No back pains no cramps doing well. Sit up, then get up no vertigo, but I can still feel the los...

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