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A few days ago I wrote about new insights into my relationship with my father. I wrote about past relationships with women I felt some passion for. I deleted that entry because I have this thing ...

September 18, 2023


A big lesson in life for me has been learning to accept what I cannot change. NOT trying to change others to conform to some ideal I have of how people should be. That happened to me often in my ...

September 16, 2023

2 Birds On Shoulder

September 15, 2023

7 Second Video Kids And I

September 15, 2023

Face Weeds

For years I wrote whatever came to mind and did it because it felt good. I was criticized by family for bad punctuation and grammar. THAT did not dissuade me. I just lost passion and think I care...

September 13, 2023

To Cry For Joy

I try not to be a sentimental man these days but sometimes it is just part of us we cannot deny. I watched a series called, MANIFEST on Netflix. The series had me throat lumping at times but I pu...

September 12, 2023

8 Factors Of Happiness

September 11, 2023

Smile Morning

I can be a cantankerous no bullshit person at times but that does not mean I do not have a good sense of humor or a personality of great kindness. This morning I went to the blood place that shar...

September 10, 2023

9/10/23 (The Past)

Being “old” feels new to me, as sense of wonder about it. If I had been aware of Age, I would felt how new being a child was a Boy A Teen A Young Man A Middle-aged Man. Had I been aware of Age as...

September 09, 2023

Morning Peace

September 07, 2023

A dental visit yesterday

I went to my dentist yesterday and got three fillings done and impressions made top and bottom to start work on making a bridge for me. They were very considerate about pain. Having worked in a f...

September 06, 2023

An Age Thing ;-)

Every time I hear a song from my youth, I wonder if the artist is still alive Or how many members of that band are.

September 05, 2023

A General Weariness

I find the world a fascinating place. I read much. But I find myself more and more weary of the same shit. I ask myself why am I reading about this if I cannot do anything about it? Such as celeb...

September 05, 2023

Christopher Walken Quote

September 04, 2023

No, Life Is Not "Fair"

Before any abuse is tossed my way in comments, let yu know I am an atheist and view life from that way. Now someone can hate me a lot for that ;-) I am often amused and disgusted when people talk...

September 03, 2023


I find that if I try to title something in a journal, it confines it. Instead, Ok Scott, what thoughts and views or memories come to you? Tonight I saw a tiny spider on a kitchen counter. I got a...

September 03, 2023


St. Peter is standing at Heaven’s Gates when an angel comes to him with a message that he needs to attend to. Not wanting to leave the Gates unattended, he looks around for help. Just at that mom...

September 01, 2023

Old White Guy Can't Dunk

Garbage removal day today. Had my can out in front with a large cardboard box. They picked up the can with the machine and set it down. They were not going to get out for the box. I approached an...

I recently found 2 songs by my current favorite group that I liked so much I have been listening to them over and over. I am waiting to get tired of them and let them join the many other songs I ...

August 31, 2023

Little Joys In Life

This morning I went out for a few grocery items. I knew there was road resurfacing on nearby roads and prepared myself emotionally for sitting in traffic and waiting. I DID find little joys in th...

9 days ago I went to a dentist office and got a tooth cut out. I have had at least 6 removed in my life. For vanity sake, none in front. I remember one that needed a specialist to do it. Curved r...

August 29, 2023


My oldest brother called me today and tried to tell me a very bad joke from before any humans had evolved (I think). The poor guy told it badly, too. I know he called for me to entertain him and ...

August 27, 2023


Empty socket shows signs of healing in lower jaw. Have tried to not use pain meds but give in to it. Ahhhh. Some swelling but the actual hole seems to be doing well. Stitches like a spider’s web ...

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