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I grew up thinking I was the sick kid in the family. Defective. Mentally ill. The crazy one. I felt my parents were embarrassed by me and how I was. I grew up hating myself for how and who I was....

I think? My PC doc wanted me to get a chest X ray last year and this year an ultrasound for any possible Aortic Abdominal Aneurysm and a scan of my liver. Results came back immediately before I g...

1 day ago


“there are five crows sitting on a fence and a farmer shoots two,how many are left” Little billy pipes up, “ain’t none, the rest took off.” Teacher says” well, there are still three crows, but i ...

3 days ago

Meaningful Career

(I copied this from an article I found) A Finnish saying is, ““Onni ei tule etsien, vaan eläen”, which translates as “Happiness is not found by searching, but by living.” Happiness doesn’t always...

4 days ago

Trees and wood

My father was a professor of forestry and Wood technology. Trees and wood were a big part of my life growing up. I never thought it was anything special that it was my fathers life. Every day he ...

6 days ago

Max Playing (Video)

Not too seriously. It’s an idea that came from a story by Ambrose Bierce. An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge. Wherein a man about to die imagines escaping death and then he dies. When I was about...

Others have it much worse (WINK!)

Ah good she loves me and not just that hair that was on my face ;-)

March 21, 2023


Little Johnny wants a BMX bike, so he gets down on his knees and writes a letter to God.... It says ‘Dear God. If I’m good for one month will you get me a BMX bike?’ He carefully folds the letter...

I got a new shaver. The most expensive I have ever had. Phillips. VERY smooth and clean. Incredible. Fast too.

March 21, 2023


March 21, 2023

Mutating Dreams

Some find great meaning in dreams. I do not. They are often the garbage of the subconscious to me and the only meaning is the vague content of it. The WHO we may dream of or places. People want t...

March 20, 2023


My new thing is SLOW. I was slow and methodical in the grocery today. While driving I drove the speed limit and watched people pass me smiled and thought, “A life of walking fast talking fast d...

March 19, 2023


I went to bed early last night. Concerned about various aspects of my health. Not “worried”. “Concerned”. I had a good long rest even with the dreams I have come to loathe every night. This morni...

March 18, 2023


Mom and Dad go away on vacation Mom called her son every day to see how everything is going at home. Her son explains “Hi Mom, mostly fine here - but the cat died on Monday.” Mom was distraught: ...

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