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4 hours ago

Request Rejected!

Yes, small images but if you want to see them download and enlarge.

1 day ago

Birds For Supper

Their cage is near the cupboard in the kitchen so after fighting with them, I let them use the cupboards. Food is in a box ;-) The things we do to spoil our kids.

1 day ago

Cock Fighting LOL

3 days ago

Buddy & Max

Nice couple ;-)

3 days ago


3 days ago

Hiking Tip

4 days ago

A Real Friend

4 days ago

Cute Drive Thru

5 days ago

More Jen Psaki

Note: I just assume she said this stuff. Sounds like her style. Sharp clever wit.

6 days ago

For Dog Lovers

Praise the Lord and the NRA!

7 days ago


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