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February 05, 2023

It's lonely at the top.

Determining the difference between judgment and critical. Coming up with examples about how each has benefited me And examples about how each can be/has been harmful or destructive I would like ...

Kyle is sad today because of me. The last few days I’ve had a ‘tude with him. A handful of small things that all seem to have one theme: He is stuck in his ways. The most loyal, supportive (of m...

October 24, 2022

Bathroom cry

Last Thursday, maybe early Friday morning, I took a razor blade to my skin for the first time in six years. Very minor damage. I said “That’s enough for now.” Now, I’m sitting in the rarely used ...

August 17, 2022


Here I am, on a good day, having good thoughts about myself. Therapy has helped me define and understand what it takes to be a good person. You often have to choose to be good, over what is famil...

When things are good, on a consistent good, I find it challenging to approach the door to my depression, to my anger. There’s just no fuel or motivation to want to explore it because things are g...

April 19, 2022

"iT's A pRoCeSs"

If I’m asked to not leave items on the stairs to the basement because it’s a tripping hazard, I change it. Done. You likely won’t have to ask me again. If I’m asked to put the spoons in a certain...

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