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What a piggin’ awful night! About 1:50 am my guts exploded! Clenching my bum cheeks together while trying to waddle to the loo as fast as I could and I was actually pooing myself as the waddle was happening! 

Finally got into the loo and my shorts and back of my t-shirt were covered in it where I couldn’t get to the bathroom in time! I had one hell of a MASSIVE dose of the runs, it was running down my legs and onto the floor! Sat there for about 10 minutes while losing about 50 stone in weight!

Eventually managed to stagger to the kitchen, gasping for some milk. got it out of the fridge and POOF! Straight back to the loo for another 50 stone weight loss!  Another 10 minutes glued to the karzie!

In the shower, clothes change and I put a thick folded up towel on my side of the bed in case of a 3rd dose! Ratbag husband was killing himself laughing, he thought it was hilarious! I forced him to get his arse out of bed and make me a hot water bottle!

Told him I won’t be in work today if the runs keep running but thankfully I am, although about an hour late! Then I started laughing hysterically when he said he had it too! HA HA HA!