Morons! Morons Everywhere!

by IAmAWotsit

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I’m limping around on crutches as my left knee became agony a couple of days ago, due to the Rheumatoid.

Gone out for a ‘’quick’‘ bit of shopping to Spar, from here at work, limping slowly and painfully, and it’s amazing how many idiots, knowing I might stop at any moment, insist on walking right behind me to the point we’re almost touching. I stop to put my mask and glasses on before going in and they ‘’accidentally collide’‘ with me!

Drivers, when you see me in the middle of the road trying to cross, slowly limping on 2 crutches while trying to carry a shopping bag, DON’T suddenly blare your horn, scaring the stuffing out of me, while you mount the pavement to get past, morons! You have 4 extremely fast wheels, I only have 2 slower than normal legs!

Weirdos who stop and stare at me as I’m inching my way along as if I’m something from a freak show!

Those in the shops who barge past me, taking the risk of knocking me over, as if I’m not even there! The batteries in my intolerance-for-idiots box are now completely flat! HA!