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January 05, 2022


It has been a year since I shot and killed Lisa. Even though the actual act of killing her had been easier than I expected, and even though she would have killed me if I hadn’t killed her, I was ...

January 05, 2022

The Killing

Mariska normally crashed around 10 p.m. unless something was going on that she had to deal with. I would wait until about a half hour after she went to bed. It would take me close to an hour to r...

January 04, 2022

Yur Mine

Fifteen months after moving in with Mariska, I felt comfortable enough to get a bike. I promised Mariska I’d text her whenever I went out and that I wouldn’t go out every single day. “I just need...

January 03, 2022

Angel of Vengeance

Because I wasn’t allowed to associate with anyone I had known pre-Lisa, I no longer had a Facebook account. I only had one email account, a Twitter account to keep track of my exercise goals, and...

January 03, 2022

The Verdict

“Bad news,” Mariska said, entering my hotel room the next day. “What’s wrong?” I asked, thinking that the worst possibility was that I might have to be moved right then and there. “I take it you ...

January 02, 2022

A Change of Luck

I awoke the next morning exhausted. Lisa had made good on every single one of her threats in my nightmares the previous night. After I used the bathroom, I headed over to the coffee pot for some ...

January 02, 2022

Taunting Lisa

With the trial underway, all I could do was wait and hope for the best. Hope that the jury would buy me 10 years of not having to look over my shoulder, not that Lisa couldn’t hire somebody to do...

January 01, 2022


I met with the district attorney the next morning. He was in his late forties and was a tall, wiry guy with a balding crown. His sparse dark hair was shot with gray. He studied me through dark-fr...

January 01, 2022

The Wrong Sister

After a few days of being imprisoned in my hotel room, I was told I’d be meeting with the prosecutor in Lisa’s case to go over my testimony. “I worry about her following me from the courthouse,” ...

December 31, 2021


After a few more hours of sleep, I got out of bed and brushed my teeth with the no-frills non-electric toothbrush that was placed in the bathroom. I already missed my electric toothbrush and my d...

December 31, 2021

The Nightmare

There was a knock on the hotel door and I stumbled over to it sleepily. I tried to look out the peephole but it was too high for me to reach even when I stood on my toes. Too tired to remember to...

December 30, 2021

The Hotel

The hotel room was spacious and had a king-size bed in it. It was on a high enough level that I could safely look out the window without anybody recognizing me from below unless they were standin...

December 30, 2021

Breaking Free

I stared at the beautiful detective before me. She was just as attractive as Lisa only in a much different way. With Lisa it was a rugged, natural kind of way. With this detective it was in a sop...

December 29, 2021


The days ticked by and I began to wonder when my supposed kidnapping was going to take place. At first I couldn’t get away from Lisa fast enough and I had to work really hard to hide my fear of h...

December 29, 2021

Back with the Enemy

That dreaded moment finally came around. I was returned to the enemy. The only joy in returning was seeing that Burke was safe and sound and happy to see me. I placed the rat back in his cage a f...

December 28, 2021


I didn’t recover nearly as fast this time around. This incident really sapped the juice right out of my body. I was weak and exhausted for several days after I woke up. I felt like my whole body ...

December 28, 2021

The Lies We Tell

I flitted in and out of sleep, picking up snatches of conversation here and there. They knew I was coming around. I had such mixed emotions about returning to the land of the living just like I h...

December 27, 2021

Waking Up in a Bad Place

For the third time in less than two years I awoke in the hospital. I really had a bad habit of waking up in hospitals, so it seemed, and it was getting awfully old. Only this time it was differen...

December 27, 2021

The Escape

I was having trouble getting to sleep that night. This was incredibly frustrating. The last thing I wanted was to be tired the next day… the day I would hopefully escape from Lisa forever. I toss...

“What’s the matter today, honey?” Lisa said with a mixture of concern and suspicion. I didn’t know whom I hated more at the moment… God above for allowing the catastrophes of my life to happen, o...

December 26, 2021

Meet "Sara"

I hadn’t been able to get ahold of the doctor directly, as expected. Instead, I left an urgent message that she come see me as soon as possible at the hospital because I was due to be discharged ...

December 26, 2021

Lisa's News

That afternoon, as faithfully as ever, Lisa paid me a visit. I was leaning against the brick courtyard while gazing up at the momentarily sunny sky and wondering what kind of future was in store ...

December 25, 2021

Making Plans

The next morning passed uneventfully. I was starting to get a little concerned about the possibility of Doctor Lacayo not returning to see me. But just before lunch, we met out in the courtyard a...

December 25, 2021

False Promises

The next day, Dr. Lacayo didn’t return to see me as promised, and this had me worried a bit. Had she decided to back out? Had Lisa gotten to her somehow? Call me insanely paranoid, but I realized...

December 24, 2021

Playing Dumb

Later on, trying to push the chilling possibility out of my mind that the doctor could be just as corrupt as Lisa, I went through the same motions of playing dumb when Lisa visited me in the afte...

Book Description

Shaylin lost her husband, their pets and their home in a violent earthquake in Sacramento. Dr. Stacey Winters, the psychologist Shaylin sought help with PTSD, cared enough to take her in. A bond of sorts formed between them, although it was more emotional than physical.

Barely a year later tragedy struck again when Shaylin and Stacey were in a terrible car accident, leaving Stacey dead.

Marcy, Stacey’s sister who was a pediatrician, declined to take Shaylin in because she was too “weird.”

Benette (Bennie), Stacey’s other sister who worked at home, secretly resented Shaylin for being the one to survive.

Lisa, Stacey’s youngest sister who was a detective in San Francisco, was a whole different story. She was much obliged to take the quirky, artistic, rat-loving writer to her beachside condo.

Shaylin knew the middle-aged detective was attracted to her. She sensed this the few times she had visited before her sister’s death. Shaylin couldn’t deny that the feeling was mutual. Stacey had been rather plain in comparison to the tough yet sexy-looking detective.

Having nothing to lose, Shaylin accepted Lisa’s hasty proposal so that she could have medical benefits, and the relationship quickly turned intimate.

Just when Shaylin thought she might get to experience real happiness and security in her life after her double loss, Lisa became bossy, demanding and even abusive.

When the abuse escalated to full-scale violence, Shaylin is left with no choice but to take her rat Burke and run.

Only problem is that she’s trying to escape from someone who made a living by finding those who didn’t want to be found.