The Landlord

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March 24, 2022


Patrick’s dad helped him carry in the sofa while Krystal helped Amanda unpack some glasses in the kitchen. Amanda touched her jaw tenderly. “Still sore?” asked Krystal. Amanda nodded, trying not ...

March 24, 2022


The landlord came over shortly after they called him, and Amanda and Patrick made it clear to him that they wanted to move. At first, they thought the guy was going to give them a hard time. “Bu...

March 23, 2022


With Amanda and Patrick’s suspicions of their landlord mounting, they decided to grab a few cameras at their local electronics store and hide them and their vents. They were mostly curious to see...

March 22, 2022


The landlord sat in his chair sweating profusely. His heart pounded with his hand’s movements and his breathing was rapid as he watched the scene before him. His heart pounded harder still as he ...

March 22, 2022


On shaky legs, just in case the landlord was in the apartment below and might hear her footsteps, she crept up to the living room window as quietly as she could and looked down at the driveway be...

March 21, 2022


Amanda and Patrick were eating dinner later that night when the topic of the landlord arose. Amanda told him what happened and what she saw. “I hate to sound like a complainer, pushy or ungratefu...

March 20, 2022


That evening, Amanda filled her boyfriend in on the landlord’s earlier visit. “I thought you said I wouldn’t have to see him?” “Well, it’s to be expected that a landlord might come around more, i...

March 20, 2022


“Your landlord is a family man, from what you’ve told me, so I really wouldn’t worry about him,” Amanda’s best friend Krystal told her a few days later as they sat in a diner they often met up at...

March 19, 2022


“I hope we won’t have to see the landlord too often,” said Amanda as she brushed her straight blonde hair which fell to the middle of her back. “Why is that?” asked Patrick as he unpacked and hun...

March 19, 2022


Amanda and her boyfriend Patrick were excited. They had been dating for over a year and decided to take things a step further by getting a place together. Patrick was twenty-eight and working at ...

Book Description

Amanda and her boyfriend Patrick are excited to share their first apartment as they save money to buy a house over the following year.

They rent an apartment in a two-family house. However, something is very wrong with the landlord. Amanda can see it in his icy evil eyes. At first, her boyfriend doesn’t take her concerns seriously. Then they soon make some terrifying discoveries and the fight to escape is on!