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June 27, 2022


Before Carissa could formulate a plan of escape in her mind, loud knocking that was more like fierce pounding sounded on the front door. “Police! Open up!” To say she was flooded with relief at t...

June 27, 2022


Carissa could barely keep her head up, much less get away from two people who were in a lot better shape than she was. But despite the fact that her body didn’t want to cooperate with her mind, h...

June 27, 2022


The police left, giving Carissa a number to call for help in achieving independence. It was some nonprofit organization that helped those with disabilities. Until then, Flora promised the officer...

June 27, 2022


Flora lived in a nice neighborhood, so it wasn’t like she had been kicked out onto the streets of some dangerous, gang-infested ghetto. But even if she may be a little safer this didn’t deduct fr...

June 26, 2022


Just when Carissa had been looking forward to returning to the daycare center not only to get away from Flora but to see if she could get someone to help her escape the woman and her unpredictabl...

June 26, 2022


Carissa was getting desperate. She had to find a way out. Although she couldn’t prove it, she had a really bad feeling that Flora was somehow connected to the nasty emails she was getting that we...

June 26, 2022


Flora clenched her fists tightly. It had been hours since she and Carissa had engaged in a heated argument but she was still boiling with anger. How dare this spoiled, ungrateful little bitch que...

June 26, 2022


Carissa sat on the couch staring out the window the following weekend. She felt a mix of emotions, none of which were good. She felt trapped, she felt hopeless, and now she felt depressed. “Hey,”...

June 26, 2022


“I can shower by myself now,” Carissa said that night. “I know but I like helping you.” “I’m sure you do,” said Carissa with a knowing smile. Flora flashed a smile. “And just how does the lovely ...

June 25, 2022


Kenneth Rand opened the door to his luxury home which sat on a sprawling five-acre parcel of land just outside the city. “Hiya, sis.” “Hello, Kenneth,” said Flora. Flora took a moment to give her...

June 25, 2022


Carissa’s first weekend with Flora was pretty laid back. They stayed in the entire time. Flora’s daughter Braelyn came to visit on Sunday. Carissa found her to be just as pleasant as her mother a...

June 25, 2022


Carissa thought about those who believed there was a God that didn’t give people more than they could handle. Not being rescued by Flora may have been more than she could handle. But there was st...

June 25, 2022


Nurse Flora had a bounce in her step she hadn’t had in a long time. People asked her if she met anyone recently. “Oh, no,” she told a fellow nurse named Arabella whom she had worked with for a lo...

June 25, 2022


The memories were slow to return but return they did. Every terrifying moment leading up to the accident. Carissa was as stunned to learn that she was now forty-nine years old as she was horrifie...

June 24, 2022


June 2017 Carissa became aware of voices and movement around her but nothing she heard made sense. And what was that horrible smell? Sometimes it smelled like rubbing alcohol and other times she ...

June 24, 2022


April 1999 Twenty-one-year-old Carissa Nacario had it all. A charming boyfriend. A promising career. A loving family. And now she was old enough to drink, which was exactly what she did the night...

Book Description

You’re young, beautiful, and you have your whole life ahead of you. But then a tragic accident leaves you in a coma. Nearly three decades later you awaken to a whole new world. Many of the people you knew have died or moved on. You feel alone in a now-foreign world.

Only you’re not alone. Nurse Flora is with you. This sweet, frail, seemingly harmless nurse is determined to help bring you back to life.

And she’ll happily do it at anyone’s expense.