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July 03, 2022

Chapter 30

Rain slowly regained the use of her arm and shoulder, but oh, how it ached at times. A week later she was transferred back to the psych ward where she received intensive therapy to discuss the ho...

July 03, 2022

Chapter 29

Someone rapped on the door to her room and Rain turned her head from her book. It was the ever so dark and lovely sexy Nurse Elizabeth. “Hey there,” she said with a smile. “Hey,” Rain smiled ba...

July 03, 2022

Chapter 28

The voice cooed to her. It was the most comforting, soothing voice she heard in a long time. She wanted to open her eyes in response to the voice that was speaking ever so gently to her, but the ...

July 03, 2022

Chapter 27

Rain slowly floated up toward consciousness and struggled against her restraints. She tried to force her eyes open, but all she could see was the blurry white ceiling above her. She moaned and tu...

July 03, 2022

Chapter 26

The detective pressed the button and began to speak. “Just to get it on record, this is Detective John Morrison, and present with me are Officer Tanner Wallows and Doctor Julia Linden. The date i...

July 03, 2022

Chapter 25

Rain had been dealing with a series of psych evaluations and meeting with therapists, shrinks, and participating in therapeutic groups and activities within the hospital. She hadn’t been pressure...

July 03, 2022

Chapter 24

“Are you sure of what you saw?” the sharply dressed police detective asked the shy woman before him. The woman was a young Mexican immigrant and her English was rather limited. “Sí, estoy seguro....

July 03, 2022

Chapter 23

Doctor Santiago studied Rain Rudkin’s medical records on the medical group’s computer system. She wanted to make sure that everything was up to date. She was just about to log off the portal when...

July 03, 2022

Chapter 22

Rain stared out the window forlorn and feeling lost. She still had no roommate and that was okay with her. Or was it? Maybe if she had a roommate, they would take her mind off of things even if i...

July 03, 2022

Chapter 21

Part Three The Nurse Elizabeth Curran had been a registered nurse for the same medical group for years. The thirty-five-year-old California native loved being in the medical field. Unlike many bu...

July 01, 2022

Chapter 20

Rain cried that morning upstairs in bed while the neighbor that Julia had babysit her watched TV downstairs. How could her life change so horribly and so fast? She felt so trapped and depressed t...

July 01, 2022

Chapter 19

She couldn’t believe it. She just couldn’t believe it. How she actually managed to work up the nerve to shoot Rain’s husband, she’d never know. It just seemed like the night Rain went on her last...

July 01, 2022

Chapter 18

Doctor Ana Santiago sunk into her plush chair, kicked her feet up, and closed her eyes. It had been a rather long and interesting day for the young Costa Rican-born doctor. She had seen Rain Rudk...

July 01, 2022

Chapter 17

Rain had just gotten off the phone with Nurse Elizabeth who had called to give her the numbers of her current thyroid hormone level, and then she sat down to do some more mental pondering. She wa...

July 01, 2022

Chapter 16

As time passed, Rain began to feel more relaxed while she and the doctor spent time chatting and watching TV. They made dinner together as they chatted about local and world events. The shrimp sc...

June 30, 2022

Chapter 15

Julia thought about Rain all day at work. Rain was becoming like a drug to her. An addicting drug at best, too. The more she saw of Rain, the more she wanted to see her. She was baffled by hersel...

June 30, 2022

Chapter 14

As Rain and Troy settled into their new home, Rain began to loosen up and relax. The more time went on without anything bad happening, the more confident she felt that the madwoman would not trac...

June 30, 2022

Chapter 13

Julia didn’t know why, but each time she saw Rain she wanted to see more of her. She wanted to get to know more than the few trivial things she knew about her. She seemed to be the only one whose...

June 30, 2022

Chapter 12

“Guess who our neighbor is across the street?” Rain asked her husband as soon as she entered their house. Troy looked at her, unable to begin to guess. “Please don’t tell me it’s her.” “I would s...

June 30, 2022

Chapter 11

Part Two The Doctor Six Weeks Later… 57-year-old Julia Linden had taken a month off from her endocrinology practice in Sacramento in order to do something she hadn’t expected to do for another 25...

June 29, 2022

Chapter 10

When they returned that night from the Chinese restaurant, they agreed to check into a hotel after gathering the bare necessities, some valuables, and their cat. They didn’t talk about it inside ...

June 29, 2022

Chapter 9

Rain slowly walked up the stairs about two hours after meeting with the madwoman that night. She slowly shuffled into the bedroom and fell upon the bed. She wanted to cry but she was too numb to ...

June 29, 2022

Chapter 8

Rain knew the Alderman’s across the street left for work by 8:30. She and Troy had spoken to them a few times since they moved in. The Aldermans were a childless couple in their early thirties. T...

June 29, 2022

Chapter 7

“How the hell do you know what I do online?!” Rain demanded to know. The crazed psychopath laughed. “Girl, I know when you breathe, I know when you shit, I know what you think.” Rain stared at he...

June 29, 2022

Chapter 6

Troy was getting increasingly worried about his wife. Ever since the attack last March, Rain hadn’t been the same. Her behavior was just, well, weird. Being depressed, anxious and withdrawn was o...

Book Description

Rain is blackmailed by a woman who demands that she let her sleep in her basement and service her late at night or else she will kill her husband and see to it that a certain picture goes viral that she wouldn’t want to share with the world.

Eventually, Rain works up the nerve to tell her husband what’s going on and they move to another place. Just went they start to feel safe and comfortable, the woman reappears to Rain, but is never apprehended.

Rain and her husband move cross-country and rent an apartment for a few months until they find a place that ends up across from one of Rain’s doctors. She gets another doctor and they become friends. The doctor, who is lonely after losing her husband, becomes obsessed with Rain, and when Rain’s own husband is killed, she is certain that the madwoman has tracked them down.

But the doctor’s hopes of Rain moving in with her are dashed when Rain decides the doc comes on a little too strong.

Then Rain has a nervous breakdown after the loss of her husband and ends up in the psych hospital. One of the nurses comes to care for her, and Rain finds the feeling is mutual.

But can Nurse Elizabeth keep Rain safe?