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December 07, 2021


Melissa stayed with Nanette and her husband and was able to visit with her out-of-town friend as well. Melissa was grateful as hell for Nanette and Ryland, but things had now gotten to the point ...

December 06, 2021


The next few weeks were uneventful. Once again Melissa was beginning to let her guard down and hope that the chaos might be over for once and for all, and once again she was wrong. It was Friday ...

December 05, 2021


Melissa took the next day off from work to get her broken window taken care of, all the while vowing to herself to get revenge on Katie once she found her. Every time Katie’s harassment pissed he...

December 05, 2021


Melissa returned home, furious and frustrated but definitely more furious than anything else at this point. If only she could wrap her hands around Katie’s scrawny little neck and choke the life ...

December 04, 2021


Melissa rose from her chair and stepped over to the door of her office. She then pulled open the door after seeing her last patient of the week. “Okay, Curtis, I think you’re really making progre...

December 03, 2021


Melissa left work early the next day as planned and drove to the daycare center. She remembered the woman’s name tag had read Serena. Since she seemed to spend the most time with Katie, Melissa f...

December 03, 2021


Melissa’s friend Nanette wanted her to see a doctor for the bump on her head to make sure it wasn’t a concussion, but Melissa insisted that she was fine. Filling her friend in on the latest, Meli...

December 02, 2021


Another week passed without incident. Melissa pulled into her driveway in the middle of the week after work. She hit the clicker to open the garage door and guided her silver Lexus into the garag...

December 02, 2021


A week passed without incident. It was Friday evening and Melissa was enjoying the drive home and the knowledge of knowing she could relax over the next two days. She may still be lonely, but she...

December 01, 2021


It had been four months since Katie mysteriously disappeared. Spring was showing its signs. Melissa had tried to explain that she had no idea where she had gone, yet suspicion fell upon her just ...

December 01, 2021


The rest of the weekend was spent with more verbal abuse and threats than anything physical. I thought there would be more assaults to come yet there weren’t. The only time Melissa inflicted pain...

November 30, 2021


“God, I wish I could just kill you!” Melissa screamed as she kicked my ass and the backs of my legs while I lie in a fetal position on the floor she threw me on as soon as we got to her house. I ...

November 30, 2021


The next morning Melissa dressed me in shorts and a T-shirt and roughly slipped some sandals onto my feet. Then she fed me, just as roughly, and also impatiently. I thought I might choke on the b...

November 29, 2021


I lay in the dark on my back in a bit of an uncomfortable position. After I had been bathed, beaten and thrown into a sleep shirt that barely covered my bruised ass, Melissa had tossed me onto th...

November 28, 2021


Melissa left me sitting alone in the small room, staring at the wall for what seemed like hours. I heard her moving about the house. She made a few phone calls too, but I was unable to make out a...

November 28, 2021


Melissa really played things up. She was almost as good of an actress as she was a psychologist. The hospital staff really believed that she was this compassionate soul who was oh so happy to wel...

November 27, 2021


After what seemed like an eternity in the hospital, the “good news” was given to me. Melissa was going to take me to live with her. “How nice of Dr. Goldstein,” my doctor said with a big white sm...

November 27, 2021


I was in a room by myself, the TV was rarely turned on, I couldn’t sit up, speak or do anything, and I had few visitors other than Melissa. Therefore, I began to lose track of time. My time in th...

November 26, 2021


The doctor’s face loomed above me. “Okay now, Miss Nyland. Can you blink once if you can hear and understand me?” It seemed to take more effort than I ever would have thought such a movement coul...

November 26, 2021


During our sessions, Melissa taught me emotional tapping for anxiety, then she performed EMDR on me to help lessen my chances of panicking in the future. Finally, she gave me every indication to ...

November 25, 2021


To understand Melissa, who she was to me, and what she was all about, I would have to go back three years to when I was nearly raped. After this happened I experienced anxiety more terrifying tha...

November 25, 2021


When I first became aware of anything, I knew I was in the hospital. I knew it long before I even opened my eyes. I also knew that something was very wrong with me. Just a feeling, I guess, but h...

Book Description


A dark, twisted tale of loss, debilitation and revenge sprinkled with mystery and suspense.

Melissa Goldstein is a psychologist. Katie Nyland was her patient. Katie lost her husband and most of her motor skills in an accident, but not before she sends a heartfelt letter to Melissa that accidentally ends up in the wrong hands and is misconstrued, causing her husband to leave her.

Hell-bent on revenge, Melissa took Katie to live with her. Katie was wheelchair-bound, unable to speak and barely able to move. Melissa enjoys abusing Katie until Katie one day disappears without a trace.

When a series of weird, mysterious and even terrifying events begin to happen, Melissa is desperate to find Katie, whom she believes is somehow responsible, along with whoever has been helping her to torment her.

But bad things keep happening to the doctor with no trace evidence ever left behind. To make matters worse, the police have shared a very interesting and worrisome piece of information with her.

Katie Nyland never existed.