Dopey Hubby But I Love Him!

by IAmAWotsit

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5 days ago


I, Little Bernard teddy bear QC would like to file a criminal report in a Court of Law! On the Saturday 16th of October 2021 at approximately 7pm a most horrid crime was committed to the very bow...

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Yesterday after work hubby excitedly squeaked ”lets go to @Morrisons for some shopping!”. Drove 16 miles there, we got out the car, he realized he’d forgotten his wallet, it was at home! Sixteen miles back, went to the local chippie instead!
I wanted to laugh but couldn’t risk it in case it started off another hacking coughing fit but inside I was killing myself laughing! I’m forever asking him ”have you got your wallet, keys, glasses, mobile, brain?!”
OMG he’s so funny and makes me laugh each and every day!