Far from Home

by Overthinker

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2 days ago


Cutting up a dead body is a lot harder than they make it seem in the movies. Hard or not, I knew I had to get rid of Frieda’s body before she was discovered. People were calling and one had knock...

2 days ago


I was hoping that the longer I was with Frieda, the more she would loosen up, accept me, and maybe even be a little friendly. She didn’t, though. She remained as cold as ice the entire time. Some...

3 days ago


The weather had turned cold, damp, dreary, gloomy and downright miserable by the time I arrived at Frieda’s fourth-floor apartment. She’d barely spoken a word to me the entire way except to bark ...

3 days ago


Three months later… I lay alone in the dark on the twin bed, covers pulled up to my chin, tears streaming down my face. Once again, my life had changed in an unexpected and devastating way that h...

4 days ago


Once we pulled up to the marina and parked not too far from the water’s edge where boats were docked, flanking a long wooden boardwalk, I could really feel my pulse begin to race and the rest of ...

4 days ago


Frieda waited in a sitting area on the boat’s deck in anticipation of her friend showing up with Nicole in tow. She didn’t like the way her heart rate sped up when she spotted them pulling up in ...

5 days ago


Five weeks after moving in with Adele in Germany, we boarded a plane bound for Turkey. I’m not sure what I was interested in seeing most, the country or Frieda. I guess the answer to that would p...

6 days ago


Frieda was caught in the middle of a tug of war with her head and her heart. Her head told her to cancel the trip to Turkey since Adele was bringing Nicole along, but her heart held a degree of c...

6 days ago


The guesthouse was small but cozy. It was very simple with a bathroom and a small kitchenette off of a large room in which a double bed, nightstand and dresser stood. Most of the walls had floor-...

7 days ago


Once again, I packed my meager belongings, making sure not to take more than I could carry. I had to leave some things behind since I had accumulated some stuff here and there while I was in Norw...

7 days ago


Forrest and I continued to exchange letters once or twice a week as the trial got underway. The media tried to get a story from me, but I ignored them, knowing they would print what they wanted a...

June 06, 2021


Just two days after sending my letter to Forrest, I received a reply. I quickly tore open the letter in anticipation of some more information as to what was going on with his case. Hey babe, I wa...

June 06, 2021


As I composed my letter to Forrest that night, I asked myself over and over again whether or not I should mention that I snooped around and discovered the contents of his laptop. Finally, I decid...

June 05, 2021


“Are you out of your mind?” Frieda asked her friend in German. “I don’t think so,” responded Adele. “She seems rather harmless despite your personalities clashing and it’s only temporary.” Adele ...

June 05, 2021


The last one I was expecting to get a reply from was Adele Müller. But there she was, right before my very eyes, asking for more information. Certainly, she’s just curious, right? I ask myself. N...

June 04, 2021


As far as Europe went, there was who I could call and then there was who I wished I could call. Being in Europe has made me think more about Frieda since I was now a lot closer to her than I had ...

June 04, 2021


The sound of the landline ringing woke me up. Sleepily, I pulled myself out of bed and shuffled down the hall to answer it in the living room. It was Forrest’s mother. Her English wasn’t very goo...

June 03, 2021


Guinevere sat with me for about an hour the night Forrest was taken away. I was too stunned for words at first. Guinevere did her best to comfort me and assured me that I was welcome to stay as l...

June 03, 2021


We spent the last two weeks of June enjoying the hell out of ourselves in Thailand. I seriously had the best time since losing Greg. The people were friendly, the food was delicious, and the weat...

June 02, 2021


Forrest rested his cheek upon the head of his favorite lady. Then he lifted his head just enough to smile down at the sleeping American by his side who was fast stealing his heart as the drone of...

June 01, 2021


Although I could see that Forrest liked me, he was always a perfect gentleman. I felt safe in his company being as tall as he was. One day I was putting the abstract pattern bedspread on Forrest’...

June 01, 2021


As Forrest slowly came awake he was aware of sounds within the apartment. He lay there listening for a few minutes and then he realized it was Nicole moving around in the bathroom. A moment later...

May 31, 2021


After Forrest brought me my second suitcase, he told me I could feel free to put anything I wanted in the dresser since it was basically empty. So, I unpacked and loaded things into the dresser t...

May 31, 2021


I stepped out of the truck and gazed around me. Some of the houses were painted and others had aluminum siding. Most were white but there were some that were darker. Forrest’s place was set about...

May 30, 2021


I slowly scanned the room after I shuffled off the plane, exhausted. I soon recognized the tall and decent-looking guy standing there, arms folded in front of him, a slight smirk on his face, obv...

Book Description

US native Nicole Ellis never thought she would lose her husband to a horrible traffic accident. She keeps a diary online writing about the tragic events in her life as they unfold. Forrest, the diary site owner, invites her to join him in Norway for a change of pace. Nicole is hesitant at first but eventually agrees to go, using the money from the wrongful death suit she was awarded on behalf of her husband.

But barely two months later, Nicole is delivered the surprise of her life when Forrest is suddenly arrested and whisked away in the middle of the night for a murder she had no clue he committed while vacationing in Thailand.

Although she can afford to do so, Nicole does not want to be alone. Remembering a cyber friend in Wales as well as in the Netherlands, she tries to make contact only to find that one has moved to Vietnam and the other is nowhere to be found.

Then she thinks of Adele in Germany and decides to contact her. Adele offers her a place to stay until she can get her head together. They have a mutual friend, Frida. Adele met Frida in Turkey many years ago. Nicole met Frida online and then she met Adele through her. However, she and Frida had a falling out and haven’t spoken in a few years.

Nicole and Frida’s friendship grows quickly, and things turn interesting when they eventually meet up with Frida in Turkey for a relaxing vacation at sea before Germany turns cold.

Then tragedy strikes again when Adele dies of lung cancer. On her deathbed, she asks Frida to look out for her.

Now both Nicole and Frida have to decide whether or not their friend’s dying wish is worth it or not.