Evil Amongst the Evergreens

by Overthinker

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6 hours ago

Chapter 5

A knock at the door startled Nadirah from her reverie. Who would be knocking on her door, unexpectedly, at just before midnight? She switched off the TV, grabbed her pistol, then she slowly swung...

16 hours ago

Chapter 4

Joni felt her heartbeat quicken as she approached the laboratory door. She gently pushed it open and cleared her throat. Nadirah, who was at her computer, turned towards her but remained seated. ...

1 day ago

Chapter 3

Gazing pensively at the passing cars five stories below, Joni let her mind take her wherever it wanted to take her. It took her home. It took her to the movies. It took her back in time. And then...

1 day ago

Chapter 2

Nadirah sat in the lab, heart beating a little quicker than usual in anticipation of meeting Joni. Concentrating on her work had been a real challenge, and the morning seemed to drag on and on fo...

2 days ago

Chapter 1

“Joni Gilstein is coming here?” Nadirah Haddad stopped dead in her tracks. “You’ve got to be kidding!” “Nope. I’m not kidding. That’s the name they gave me,” said Gifford, checking his paperwork ...

Book Description

Joni and Nadirah met in a nightclub when Joni was twenty and Nadirah was twenty-nine. Joni was instantly attracted to Nadirah, but as she would soon learn following an argument, the feeling wasn’t mutual.

Twenty years later they would meet again, and Joni would find that the love that wasn’t meant to be in the past would come to be this time around.

Only there would be a huge price to pay for it.