Dumping Davina

by Overthinker

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2 days ago

Chapter 12

Laurina patted her daughter as she lay curled up on her side sobbing on the couch. Her heart ached for her and she wished there was something she could do to ease her pain. She was old enough to ...

3 days ago

Chapter 11

Davina got settled in Rochelle’s place. It was a small three-bedroom house. But even though the rooms were small, it was spacious enough and unlike Betsy’s apartment, it had an additional quarter...

3 days ago

Chapter 10

Davina became depressed. She knew that she couldn’t make Betsy feel the way she felt about her, but what about her feelings? Didn’t her own feelings count? She wandered aimlessly throughout the p...

4 days ago

Chapter 9

Betsy agreed to give the relationship a little more time. Just because they were different in many ways didn’t make Davina a bad person any more than it made her a bad one. Late in the summer, th...

4 days ago

Chapter 8

Davina was glad that Betsy got to meet her parents and even more so that things were slowly becoming intimate between them, just when she was beginning to wonder if they ever would. She still was...

5 days ago

Chapter 7

Betsy parked her truck alongside the curb in front of Davina’s parents’ house. “Wow,” the detective said. “Beautiful home.” “Yeah, it is. Mom always told me I’m welcome to stay with her the rest ...

5 days ago

Chapter 6

Davina was enjoying her new life. In some ways, she was glad the incident had happened as traumatizing as it was to have witnessed and especially for the victim to actually experience. Each day s...

6 days ago

Chapter 5

Even though Davina had assured her she would be just fine with taking the couch if she would rather her do so, Betsy decided it would be okay if she lent her the other half of her bed. They would...

6 days ago

Chapter 4

“What’s weird about your place?” Davina asked as she stood at the top of the stairs gazing around Betsy’s apartment. “Well, it’s just a rather unique layout and the space here, for example, kind ...

7 days ago

Chapter 3

Davina was excited. Still shaken up over the horrible violent crime she had witnessed but excited just the same. She actually looked forward to staying with Detective Bradshaw and she knew why, t...

May 08, 2021

Chapter 2

Detective Betsy Bradshaw peered across her desk at the shaken hazel-eyed blond. She was adorable. She had pin-straight baby fine blonde hair with a fringe to the brows and lovely facial features....

May 07, 2021

Chapter 1

It was a day like any other day. Davina had slept late. She didn’t have to perform that night, but she was in the habit of sleeping in because she was not only a natural night owl but also becaus...

Book Description

What does a trapeze artist, a couple of detectives, and a dedicated physician have in common?

Plenty, as you’ll find in this story of love, lust, and betrayal.