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3 days ago

Chapter 23

“We all have two lives,” Melina said to Nara late that night as they lay huddled together in bed with the covers tucked snugly around them. “Huh?” Nara said in a voice that was full of more emoti...

4 days ago

Chapter 22

Melina watched, terrified, as the SUV that looked like Lucia’s slowly approached the diner she stood waiting in until Nara could rescue her. Closer and closer it came. But then suddenly it swung ...

4 days ago

Chapter 21

Melina managed to get out of sex that night by turning in a little early, complaining that she didn’t feel well. She pretended to be asleep when she heard Lucia enter the bedroom. She felt her sk...

5 days ago

Chapter 20

Melina awoke the next morning a few minutes before the alarm clock went off. The room was awash in bright sunlight as early as it was being that it was the peak of summer. She lay still, listenin...

5 days ago

Chapter 19

Melina hated it. She just hated it when she and Lucia and Nara headed up to the northern region every other week to gather more crap to sell at the store. But she wasn’t about to spend the entire...

6 days ago

Chapter 18

The woman raised the gun and fired a round of bullets at the guy who was cowering in fear before her, begging for his life and promising the woman the world in exchange for it. But Lucia wasn’t p...

7 days ago

Chapter 17

Melina lay dead still in the double bed in the spare bedroom of Lucia’s house. She stared blindly at the window, unable to see the beautiful sunny day that lay beyond it. She was too numb with gr...

7 days ago

Chapter 16

February 22, 2010 Hello, everyone. Yeah, I know I’m not doing the greatest job of updating this thing regularly. But now I’ve got plenty to say! Like how they’re going to be publishing my book!!!...

7 days ago

Chapter 15

January 13, 2010 Thanks for the baby feedback I received on my last entry. I think I’m going to just wait and see how I feel in a few years. I did say, after all, that I’d like to wait until I wa...

May 02, 2021

Chapter 14

December 27, 2009 I would have written sooner, but the media has been busy making a celebrity of me lately. I’ll get into that soon enough. First, I met Nara’s son when we were all gathered at Lu...

May 02, 2021

Chapter 13

November 21, 2009 OMG, I won a quarter-million dollars!!! We got the news yesterday. I’m still reeling in shock. I just can’t believe it! I never would’ve expected to win so much money! Ari and I...

May 01, 2021

Chapter 12

Ariella thought of Melina’s journal and the things she’d learned from it about the lovely blond American girl who had captured her heart not long after they’d met. She had read the pages her moth...

May 01, 2021

Chapter 11

September 26, 2009 I’ve been too busy to write much lately or even work on my story, so I’m catching up on things now at Nara’s place while she’s out visiting a friend. Life has never been better...

April 30, 2021

Chapter 10

Lucia, Ari, Nara - and yes, even Rena - laughed as Melina and young Massimo and Valentino rolled around on the grass with Ricardo happily chasing after them. The large black Labrador romped aroun...

April 30, 2021

Chapter 9

“Shhh, è bene! Tu sei bene. Calmati! Era solo un incubo.” Melina’s eyelids slowly fluttered open as she became aware of Ari’s soft, sweet voice telling her she was ok and to calm down. It was jus...

April 29, 2021

Chapter 8

August 18, 2009 Much sadness continues to hover about since Clara’s death. I haven’t been able to concentrate on much. Not even my story. I’ve been trying to find out more details on how Clara di...

April 29, 2021

Chapter 7

August 3, 2009 That secret I said I’d reveal about me the other day but just wasn’t in the mood to - well, I was an exotic dancer for a while. I’m primarily a singer and a musician, though I’ve a...

April 28, 2021

Chapter 6

“Ariella would be absolutely flabbergasted if she read this stuff!” Lucia told Nara on the phone Monday evening. “She sure would be. Sometimes it’s hard to keep quiet about it. Not only is the jo...

April 28, 2021

Chapter 5

July 8, 2009 I have to type very slowly right now because part of my right hand is bandaged up. Yeah, Ari was rather alarmed to come home from school today to find me standing there with Adelina ...

April 27, 2021

Chapter 4

Melina shuttered with pleasure as she came and moaned with delight. Ari licked her lips, savoring the sweet taste of her feminine counterpart, then moved to lay beside her. “Fun?” Ari asked in It...

April 27, 2021

Chapter 3

Lucia took her morning coffee and quickly passed by her computer. She knew that if she fired it up to read more of Melina’s journal she’d get so caught up in it that she’d never get to the store....

April 26, 2021

Chapter 2

Nara entered the cool, air-conditioned kitchen of her mother’s house. “Mom, I’m here,” she called out. “Be down in a minute,” she heard from upstairs. A moment later footsteps sounded on the stai...

April 26, 2021

Chapter 1

Nara stood by as her Italian half-sister locked lips one sunny April day with her still somewhat new little wife, Melina. Melina was adorably cute. Petite, blond and irresistible by the standards...

April 26, 2021


Melina tried to remain as still and as silent as she possibly could in the cramped and darkened closet of the bedroom. Yet her body wouldn’t stop shaking in her terrified state. The sound of move...

Book Description

After Melina visits Italy with two friends and then meets and falls in love with a college professor at a local college where one of her friend’s uncle is president, she is not at all looking forward to returning to her home, a dusty, isolated hole in the desert. Impoverished and with little hope for a bright future, she is surprised when Ariella and her half-sister Nara visit her in the U.S. and then bring her back to Italy to live with Ari.

Melina and Ari make a home together and life goes on peacefully, but not without some adventures along the way, and eventually, things fall apart and Ari is murdered.

Melina then goes to live with her mother-in-law, Lucia, who has always adored her, all the while someone grows dangerously obsessed with her as they learn of her life through her online journal.