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7 days ago

A Bit Stressed

Everything has just been a mess. The doctor told me that my left arm is really jacked up. I have two cases of tendonitis, a bone spur, and a potential full tear. All in the space between my elbo...

March 25, 2021

Gimpy Arms McGee

The pain in my arm is getting really bad. Some times it’s so bad that it’s honestly impossible to think about anything else. This is further complicated by the fact that it seems to be getting wo...

March 24, 2021


I’m tired. Physically because I slept barely a wink last night. Mentally cause there are 800 things going on. Emotionally cause I’m just overloaded. And I’ve no time to write about those 800 ...

March 18, 2021

I Pooped A Little

Yesterday I decided that I was tired of drinking plain ol’ water. So, I loaded up the banking up and see if my broke ass had about 5 bucks that I could take to the store and use to buy some flavo...

March 12, 2021

Let's Begin

Another start. Another “this time”. Another revival of a phoenix that seems fated to never last for more than a week at at time. A pendulum that never ceases to swing. I feel at times as though I...

March 12, 2021


Now the time has come to regain our fallen pride once more.

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