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November 01, 2020

Obsidian - 4

Last night I dreamed about cleansing an egg in salt. I think Obsidian is telling me it wants to be cleaned in this way so I bought a 2.2 lb bag of Himalayan salt. Previously I was going to submer...

October 31, 2020

Obsidian - 2

So last night I asked Black Obsidian, why all the hate in my life? One “hate” in particular is when I found out my mom had been saying a lot of bad things about me to my aunt, who now doesn’t wan...

October 31, 2020

Adventures with Obsidian - 1

I love my new obsidian stone. I ordered it from Zenergy Gems, one of the current few authentic gemstone sellers on Amazon. I’ve only started wearing it today, but I can feel an improvement in anx...

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