by Barbara Bad

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01: What as an “old-school” song for you, and what memory is it associated with it?

02: Describe your “awkward” phase and what made/makes it “awkward”?

03: Think of the time you took a gamble and made a decision you wouldn’t usually make. How did it work out for you?

04: What mythical/religious figure would you be and why?

05: How important is having a routine to you?

06: (Seen and taken from Facebook.) The first sentence you write in a book comes true. What do you write?

07: (By Muffin Princess) What was your proudest day/moment?

08: You get an hour to interview someone you greatly admire. How does the interview go?

09: Write a short story using the following words: “kingdom”, “paparazzi”, “discombobulated”, “waste”, “jewelry”, “space”, and “bungee”.

10: Write about your favorite movie, without the title, and how it applies to your life.

11: You’re the villain in a movie. What kind of villain would you be?

12: What is the most memorable adventure you’ve experienced so far?

13: You are in an escape room. What three people (anyone) would you have with you?

14: Build your ideal town.

15: At what age do you remember learning about mortality?

16: What is your earliest memory of a major/world event?

17: What is one place someone HAS to visit if they come to your town/city?

18: What age do you remember your first, “I wanna be a [job here] when I grow up”?

19: Which of the four would you be: Photographer, Painter, Writer, or Architect?

20: You have a single Post-It Note and you get to go back to a year ago today. What would you write on that Post-It to yourself?

21: Which would you explore: space or the ocean?

22: Finish this sentence: “My day was off to a spectacular start until…”

23: Write whatever you want.

24: What do you think life will be like in 10 years?

25: What was the funniest moment you’ve had this year?

26: Did you learn a new skill/hobby or brush up on something during quarantine?

27: Have you ever experienced deja vu or any other occurrence that cannot be scientifically explained?

28: What is your idea of luxury?

29: Have you learned anything from the people you read that you’ve applied in your own life?

30: What did you think of this year’s NoJoMo?