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Man, I don’t even see the point of trying anymore. The dotted line is crooked and I should never have signed it. And if that isn’t the saddest thing I’ve thought today it’s probably one of the on...

January 13, 2021

Dear Big Brother, F#"K YOU!

We all know someone that makes our blood boil with anger. We all know the feeling of hatred. But you have never, EVER, met a… p.. person.. No… He’s not human. I don’t know what he is. He is a thi...

December 12, 2020


Can’t remember how we met, I must have been a toddler. Can’t remember him being cruel even once. He must have been plagued for many years because he committed suicide five days ago. No one saw it...

Okay, so.. Since last I wrote a lot has changed. The sun is mostly gone both metaphorically and factually. It’s raining heavy where ever I look. I’m more in tears than I would like to admit. So f...

Book Description

Venting about various mental disorders and how they are affecting me and the world.