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I have been having peculiar dreams lately. They are vivid & macabre. I would like to thank those who provided music suggestions to me. I am listening to as much as I am able to. Please pr...

I am putting together a little summer homeschooling project for my daughter. We homeschool & she would like to continue throughout the summer. She adores nature. We often learn outdoors, w...

June 25, 2020


Writing is holding me together these past few days. I spend hours typing with a cup of tea & some beautiful music to inspire me. Today, I became lost within the words that I forget to eat. ...

June 22, 2020

Dancing with the moon

I wish I could run outside & dance naked in the full moonlight. If only we lived far away from other people. Does anybody have any movie recommendations to offer me? I am in the mood for so...

June 20, 2020

Sunshine chores

My husband is currently busy with some small house repairs. We are hoping to paint & organize the shed today. He has good attention to detail. Meanwhile, I have been distant & unsure of ...

June 20, 2020

Night Moves

I’ve begun jogging again. I hope that, in time, I get stronger. I feel as if I am getting to know my body all over again. My body was resting upon the shelf for a few months. Now I am ready t...

June 15, 2020

Sunday afternoons

I finally was able to restock my tea cabinet. Organizing the boxes caused an impromptu cleaning spree of the kitchen. I placed the flowers my husband brought home on the window sill where they c...

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