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April 17, 2020


happiness manifesting from greater vibrations within the universe.

Book Description

Female A had fallen for someone at the age of 7 and remained smitten all throughout her teenage years. He was her first kiss and the person who took her virginity. Even though they broke up, she never quite stopped loving him. Years later they see each other for the first time at a mutual friends funeral, he kisses her and gropes her then offers her sex, which she declines because of the fact that it was not a good time or place to be doing that.

Female B hears the news that a one night stand she barely knew had passed away. She thinks about how she had been single for quite some time and how this would be a great opportunity to meet new people. She spends some hours getting ready to go, trying to look her best. She sits with female A and makes her complaints about being single for too long and how she had made a massive effort to “dress to impress”. She nags female A to go and get the numbers of 6-7 different males attending, including the deceased’s brother. Female A refuses to get numbers for female B politely. But, Female B gets the number of the guy Female A had loved since childhood.

A few years later, Female A decides to reach out for the first time in many years to express how she had always felt by sending a love letter. The guy responds with “fuck off” and calls her a twat, stating that the reason why he didn’t want to speak to her because the way she behaved at the funeral was unacceptable.

Female A later finds out that the guy is in a relationship with female B, the biggest heap of trash in the world.

Life has a funny way of kicking you in the ass sometimes.