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Tmi I know but oh well..after being 46 days late for my period it is now confirmed I wasn’t pregnant. You know I had hope there for a minute maybe it just isn’t meant to happen.. maybe I am just ...

May 16, 2021


I am sorry if I haven’t worked to your expectations lately.. depression is hard to tend with.. it takes a while but I do get better

I almost called into work today because I am so depressed I been suicidal. I only get suicidal right before my period so I know it is hormonal. Instead allowing my mania win I rationalize what I ...

May 15, 2021

Sewing isn't hoarding

One job helps me pay my bills.. the other job fuels my fabric addiction. Every weekend I find new fabric to have a new adventure! You don’t have to understand but when I say I got a huge stash it...

May 15, 2021


I like to do things from love. Not for love..

May 15, 2021


I am so grateful to be raised to believe a woman can use power tools, mow her own grass and do repairs. I was never told you can’t do that you are a girl. I was told come help us. There isn’t gen...

May 14, 2021

Golden Girls summer

Forget hot girl summer. I want Golden Girls summer. I want to rent out a house with a group of girlfriends wear spectacular muumuus,eat cheesecake and solve our problems with sassy one liners.

When I suggest my husband to wash his uniform last night he refused. This morning when I told him he better get up and wash his uniform he told me to go fuck myself and told me I am a bitch. He d...

May 14, 2021

Vet for kitties

Currently Talan is in the vet with our cats Harley Quinn and Ziggy they are getting their booster shots and having a check up. I have to sit in the car because only one person is allowed in the r...

May 13, 2021


Dear belly I won’t eat peaches and combos for dinner again if you could just stop the burning and indigestion so I can sleep.. please!

I once read this information in this book:

I am about ready to have an anxiety attack. I haven’t seen this such panicked buying since the 2020 toilet paper crisis. We already ran out of gas once today. I question if we will need to buy mo...

Today while I am at work Talan is taking Coal and Ash to the vet. Ash is getting neutered and both of them are getting their shots and medicine. I have no idea what the cost will be but I hope m...

May 11, 2021

My dreams no money

I would love to own a hearse. It is such a classic statement piece. Very few people own them. Many fear them I was raised to respect the dead. I would love to own a used hearse because think of h...

May 10, 2021

Planning vacation

I think I am going to arrange a week off and turn off my phone and just vanish.. I need to focus on me a bit. I want to visit local parks go back to nature I need peace n

May 10, 2021

I hate my life

My husband set up 2 appointments for our cats knowing I have 2 jobs and can’t remember anything day to day. He informed me I was calling into work to take the cats to the vet. I told him he didn’...

Today Gwen asked me to make her some tarot bags and offered to pay me. I found some purple Disney character card fabric and I found some traditional tarot fabric. I also made Gwen a reversible ma...

I accidentally trained Ash to come lay on washer when I say washer. It started out as a place to pet him so I didn’t have to chase him around the house to pet him. So when I have an arm full of ...

My 2nd job is JoAnn Crafts. When I get tempted and buy fabric I tell myself at least I am not addicted to drugs! Of course I need all this fabric..don’t judge me!

I wish I knew how to post photographs here. I made 2 Grateful Dead Masks which are reversible for myself and 2 Nightmare Before Christmas reversible masks as a gift to surprise my boss. The momen...

To all you Nosey people out there who want to know my business soooo bad, allow me give it to you straight with no chaser regarding what has happened with my relationship. Before you start to mak...

May 06, 2021

2nd Pfizer shot

After my second covid shot I have head to toe soreness, headache and I want to sleep all the time. If I can protect other people from this illness the immunization is worth it. I will of course c...

May 05, 2021

Covid 19 immunization

Is it sad I am scared because I am getting the 2nd Pfizer vaccine today?

May 03, 2021

Oops with mowing

After I got off work I decided I was going to mow the grass. I thought it was strange that the mowers battery kept running dead so fast. I went to Walmart to see if they had any more batteries fo...

I watch a Karen treat an employee like crap. She argued because the employee gave her a larger size cup but didn’t charge her for the larger cup. She called the employee an idiot and kept screami...

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