I am Rabbit

by Sho

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September 30, 2019

no rain south

July 12, 2019

I am 兔子

I am rabbit. Write late today. Do other thing. Must do other thing every day. Rabbit no every day same same. Must add do other thing so same same. Soon go to Taiwan. Live long time Taiwan. Now s...

June 28, 2019


I am rabbit. Rabbit and not rabbit look at truck, drive truck, buy truck. Truck come later. Rabbit and not rabbit go far later. Go see mountain. Walk in mountain. Walk near water. Sleep in truck....

June 24, 2019


I am rabbit. Rabbit and not rabbit not young now. This not same same. Here is same same. Here rabbit write. Here not rabbit write. Here make rabbit happy. I am rabbit. I write write here. Good f...

June 22, 2019


I am rabbit. Awake early. Why? Don’t know. Day is long. So long now. 5:30. Birds awake. Sing, sing squawk. Traffic sound. Distant. Low hum. Sometimes clunk, bang sound. Far away. I am rabbit. Sit...

June 15, 2019


I am rabbit People like rabbit. Rabbit easy to like. No big word. No drama. Just rabbit. Just here. Just now. Sun come out. No cloud. Sky blue. Cool air. Need sweater. Sit on porch. Write write....

June 10, 2019


I am rabbit. I let dog out front door and then open gate to courtyard. Dog trot to backyard where grass is getting so long again. I will have to cut soon. I turn on hose and rinse maple tree stu...

June 05, 2019


I am rabbit. Like hat. Always like hat. When little rabbit have sea captain hat. Blue with gold crest and braid. Black plastic peak. Grade two, three. Have photo wearing. Two different province. ...

June 02, 2019

Come. Go by.

I am rabbit. I sit in open house. Rain come. Not Rabbit Vietnam Couple come. He north. She south. We talk about Vietnam. We do not talk about house. We talk about rain. Not Rabbit Man come. Wife...

May 28, 2019

I am rabbit

I am rabbit. I get up. I go upstairs to kitchen. When dog see me she get up too. She go to top of stairs, look at side door. I carry her down stairs. I let her out. She trot into backyard where g...

Book Description

The simple life of Rabbit