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January 26, 2019

Pogo no trophy

When I was a kid we had Scotch tape Masking tape Electrical tape But we didn’t have Duct tape. I’ve never been on instagram. I’d already given up on social media by then. When I travel to a fam...

January 19, 2019

Sidewalk Jesus

I visit Value Village. I’ve never smelt a village like this before. In my 20s I used to buy my shirts and ties in thrift shops. I would always try to find an ironic-type workman’s shirt with Gus ...

January 15, 2019

My phone is an egg

Like a hippo trying to take down a gazelle, it can be done, but only with luck and the perfect set up. Anecdotal evidence is bullshit. We can find an example of nearly anything. That’s all I’m s...

I’m really going for the baroque If I ran a landscaping company I’d call it Major Tom’s ground control. Your toe nails may be brittle, but if you clip them and leave them out overnight, then the...

I don’t routinely eat poutine, Lee. Millennials don’t need cars because they are not going anywhere. LPT: Don’t wear a Hawaiian shirt to a funeral, not even in Hawaii Why do all great dentist’s o...

Book Description

During the day, when a thought comes to me I write it down so I can maybe think about it later.
Sometimes, I will expand on that captured thought.
Sometimes, it will end up here, like a little orphan.