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December 29, 2018

New Hobby

One of my former coworkers, Frank, has recently taken up hiking. He’s invited me and Ty and other coworkers on weekend and evening hikes. Usually, I am so busy with soccer, I haven’t had time. ...

November 25, 2018


Well. I didnt do any abs work yesterday at all. and thank god! Today, my sides (obliques, I guess) are so freaking sore from hitting soft balls that it hurts to blow my nose. lol As many of yo...

November 24, 2018

Softballs today

Today, Ty and I went to the ball park and pitched and hit softballs. I think we were there about an hour and a half. My body is still sore from my work outs and it felt good to move around like...

November 23, 2018


Since I started getting back into the gym, I havent concentrated too much on my leg strength. Party b/c I run in soccer a lot and my legs are already sort of bulky. But I realize that I do need ...

November 19, 2018


I went ahead and got a membership at Planet Fitness, which is about 7 minutes from my job. The Y was across the street, but it was closed down, so I had no lunch time work out place. The PF mem...

October 29, 2018


I’ve been doing a lot of strengthening. I alternate between doing full body work outs with my kettle bell, arms with my 5 pound weights, my core with my exercise ball and going to the gym once o...

September 06, 2018


I have been doing a little something everyday. Yesterday I was finally able to get to the Y again. I had Dante, so he got to play in the kid room, while I worked my arms. After that, I did 20 ...

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