Triginta Epistulas

by Little Metal Weirdo

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May 06, 2017

Hey, Asshole

It’s me, Asshole Jr. Sorry, I don’t call enough, and I doubt I ever will. I never have a phone and I always have disabling phone anxiety. I know anxiety is something you never understood, which i...

May 04, 2017

Dear Puzzle Piece,

I’ve been wracking my brain how to write this one—how to approach it in a literary sense, translating my mental voice into words. I decided it would be easiest if I used a gimmick such as using ‘...

May 02, 2017

Dear Best Friends,

Dear #1, I met you in your youth. You were so callow and spry; your energy both smothered and infuriated me. Your recklessness caused me pain on occasion, but you were none the wiser, so I begru...

This book is in response to a challenge, in which you write letters to thirty targets. I have stapled a list of targets to the book description for efficiency and interested readers. The first ta...

Book Description

I A stranger, introducing yourself
II Your best friend
III Your significant other (or future significant other)
IV Your father
V Your mother
VI Your grandparents
VII Your children (or further children)
VIII The person you miss the most
IX Your favorite internet friend
X Someone that occupies your mind (good or bad)
XI Your siblings
XII Someone that you drifted away from
XIII Your childhood best friend
XIVYour neighbor
XV Someone you look up to
XVI The leader of your country
XVII The person you dislike the most
XVIII The first person to break your heart
XIX A teacher from your past
XX God/Allah/The Universe/etc
XXI Your extended family
XXII Your friends (as a whole)
XXIII The last person to annoy you
XXIV Someone that bullied you
XXV Someone you wish would forgive you
XXVI Someone you wish you could forgive
XXVII Someone going through a hard time
XXVIII Yourself as a child/teenager
XXIX The last person who told you a secret
XXX Your reflection