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December 15, 2016


So, I was unable to work for the past 2.5 days. At first, I thought they left a stitch in me. Turns out, it’s a dissolvable stitch. The doctor who saw me (not the one who’s been following me) sai...

December 11, 2016

There's a difference.

I go to the dentist, and they leave me in stitches, because my dentist is a clown. I go to the surgeon and he leaves a stitch inside of me. That’s why this one spot has been hurting so bad for s...

November 21, 2016


I’m still in a lot of pain. I think I’ve overdone it. My doctors office has another prescription for me, I have to pick it up tomorrow. On another note, my Grandma isn’t doing good. It’s tearing...

November 18, 2016


This morning, I’m in pain. Not sore like normal, but actual pain. Took 2 percocets and laying back down. I have to wear maxi pads under my boobs and gauze over my nipples. My boobs are hard and ...

Me:my throats still sore. They put a breathing tube down my throat so they could breathe for me. Bro: I bet you liked it. Me:Nah, I’m not a pro like you

I really have a fresh renewed feeling that I want to be a nurse. I’m sitting at my doctors office, probably about to get these drains out, and I just had to write this real quick. Hopefully, pic...

November 16, 2016

Loose 6 pounds in 1 day!

I just realized I’ll no longer be able to stand my phone on my boob and use it. They removed over 3 pounds of tissue from each breast. I accidentally pulled on one of the drains, and it hurts l...

November 16, 2016

Thanks for the support, guys!

I’m home from surgery, resting. A little sore,but I’m ok!

But now I’m in the back. About to get my IV. So excited. Also, I want to be an RN.

November 15, 2016


Have to be at the hospital at 5:30AM. I’m just scared I’ll wake up during surgery. Or that I won’t wake up at all. But I have this overwhelming feeling that I’ll be just fine. So excited. Al...

November 04, 2016

Date change.


November 04, 2016

Date change.


November 03, 2016


My due date. On this day, I will go into an operating room and a team of medical professionals will birth a new me. I will no longer have this deep ache in my shoulders and neck/upper back. I wo...

October 31, 2016


The plastic surgery has been approved. Now, I have to schedule it.

August 31, 2016

Still waiting.

Ever got your nipple caught between your arm and the couch? That shit hurts. Still waiting to hear from the insurance company. Looking forward to running, doing jumping jacks, and my boobs not b...

August 11, 2016

First appointment.

Today was the big day. The doctor really wants me to have the surgery. He knows my back and shoulders hurt, due to my size. I also get rashes under my boobs. They took photos of my boobs. And mea...

July 06, 2016


That’s the date of my surgery consult. Ever since I was 12, my boobs have been ginormous. I haven’t been properly measured in some time, but I think I’m in the H’s now. I have scoliosis. I wonde...

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