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September 16, 2015


Dylan and I went to the first Epic session Monday. It was good. They went over food: Go, Slow and Whoa! Foods. It was good and interesting. We sat as a group and talked about what foods we shoul...

September 02, 2015


Dylan went to his Epic check in. It’s a study for nutrition/exercise education for at risk kids. It went well. I think he actually lost some weight. He earned $50 for participating. He’ll earn...

July 09, 2015

So frustrated

Well… Dylan’s weight is back down again at 191…which is the same as his weigh in with the doctor. He had gone up to 193 a couple of weeks back. I’ve been making a huge effort to get him to exerc...

May 14, 2015


So… yesterday, I get home from work. There is a package of Top Ramen on the counter. Tyler told me that Dylan had Mac n CHeese and I found the box in the trash. The day before, Dylan walked in ...

March 26, 2015


On March 4, Dylan weighed 191 pounds. He is 5‘1/2”. Obviously, he is obese. He is big and looks big, but doesn’t look bad. He’s basically your average fat kid. A few weeks prior to his dr appoin...

Book Description

This book is to write about Dylan’s health issues and detail steps taken to help him and any progress or setbacks.