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Why does it seem like we have a new mass shooting every month in America? Ten dollars says this guy wasn’t Muslim, or Syrian refugee.

December 01, 2015


Are we doing DePhoMo this year? Since I’m out of work for a month, maybe I’ll get around to finishing those 29 entries I have in drafts. In the 90’s, I remember my Grandpa trying to make a long-d...

December 02, 2014

'Last Chance High'

I love documentaries. Always have, even as a teenager. They give you a glimpse into the lives of people who live in a different world than you. Yesterday, I watched an 8-part documentary called ‘...

July 25, 2014

Why I miss OD.

It seems that many people who were faithful writers on OD, aren't as faithful on ProseBox. I miss the unsigned notes. One of my friends always left the unsigned option on. She received pretty ...

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